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Fashion Finds for Preggos!

By lindsay

As I am sure all of you can sympathize with, getting dressed in the morning is a chore within itself now that I am almost six months pregnant. Three times yesterday the ever-so-popular “cardigan” came up in conversations I was having with other moms-to-be. So many of you, like me, are sporting a uniform of a tank top, pants, and cardigan (from pre-pregnancy of course.) As the weather gets warmer, this uniform may go by the wayside, which is why I wanted to share some great (and lower-cost) items that I have found recently.

The Bella Band product for Tarjay, the Be Band, the camisoles and tanks are basically the SAME as those from Ingrid & Isabel at half the price. I wear the camisoles under everything and wore a Be Band with my jeans and pants for the first four months of pregnancy. These saved me a TON of money on buying maternity pants early on in my pregnancy.

I have at least two of these tanks in every single color they come in. They fit amazing, hug your body and go well with skirts, pants, leggings and more. The ruching on the side also make for a flattering fit. I would venture to say I wear one of these tank tops five out of seven days a week. The ONE thing is that they are thin, so I usually layer over one of my Be Maternity tanks from Target if I am wearing this shirt on its own.
This is a GREAT bathing suit to fit you all summer long and throughout your pregnancy. It comes in many colors and patterns and won’t break the bank. I wore it during our Babymoon and absolutely loved it! Note: It fits pretty true to size and provides good coverage for your belly.
Heels are not for everyone during pregnancy, but as someone who is barely 5-feet tall, I usually feel frumpy dumpy in flats with dresses and skirts. These heels have been a GREAT answer to my height issues. They go great with jeans and look good with dresses—a perfect shoe for the summer. The heels are thick enough that they are comfy enough to wear almost all day (not for commuting of course!)
On the website they show this cardigan tied, but it looks AMAZING untied as well. It is long and the perfect compliment for leggings, jeans or even a dress. The fact that it doesn’t look like workout gear makes it great for a day at the office as well. It comes in neutrals such as black and gray as well as a jewel toned purple and coral. I cannot wait to wear mine all summer long!
For more Lululemon looks that work for pregnancy, join Bump Club Chicago at Lululemon, 900 North Michigan Avenue on Saturday July 17, 2010 for Fashion & Fitness! After a free pre-natal workout, our friends at Lululemon will show us what pieces work great throughout pregnancy and after—even pieces you can wear to work! Breakfast will be served. Email lindsay@bumpclubchicago.com to reserve your space!
Happy shopping!


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