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Got the kinks out—Best prenatal massage in Chicago (so far!)

By lindsay

As I continue to get larger and larger, especially in my stomach and boobs, my back is continuously in tremendous pain. Up until today I had two prenatal massages that were fine, but I felt like the therapist at each was afraid to apply pressure to my pregnant body. Before getting pregnant I preferred deep tissue, high pressure massages. My two prior experiences almost felt like someone was tickling my back in comparison to what I am used to.

Today I ventured to Urban Oasis’ North Avenue location for a prenatal massage. They were running a deal on their website for $20 off and were able to get me in on a moment’s notice. I had heard that Urban Oasis’ pregnancy massages were great, especially due to their tables that fit your growing belly and allow you to lie face down so the therapist can get all the kinks out of your back.
Pre-pregnancy, I always loved Urban Oasis, and after today they have earned a place high atop a pedestal when it comes to massage therapy. Becca was my therapist and she was AMAZING. She listened and responded to everything I told her I was going through (shooting pains in my neck and upper back muscles, sciatic nerve pain, etc.). Best of all—she was not afraid to apply pressure where needed—and truly kneaded all my knots out to near perfection.
The table was a double bonus. I was able to lie on my back in a slightly upward reclined position to start, and then thanks to the tummy hole in the middle, was able to flip over halfway through. I left Urban Oasis feeling great for the first time in weeks, but not before I made a follow up appointment with Becca for later on this month. The best part? Urban Oasis gave me two more $20 off coupons for upcoming prenatal appointments!
If you need a tune-up, run, don’t walk to Urban Oasis—and while I am sure all of their therapists are awesome, request Becca if you can—she was amazing.

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