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Living with Gestational Diabetes…it's not that bad!

By lindsay

I have to be honest, the Gestational Diabetes has not been that bad. I surely miss my lemonade with every meal and the DQ Blizzards, but in all honesty, the diet has not left me hungry, nor has it left me unfulfilled. There really are a ton of options. I am eating a lot of fresh fruit and I HAVE TO have carbs at every meal—I actually have trouble reaching the level where they want me to be three times a day.
I have a great nutritionist and endocrinologist who are both making sure my sugar levels are where they are supposed to be. In regards to the diet, I basically am eating what I normally do—there are SO many options. The only difference is that I have to measure and portion out everything, and make sure I am eating a certain amount of carbohydrates/protein at every meal.
The positives? I think that in the long run, managing my diet this way is going to make me healthier over these last few weeks before Baby Girl arrives, and hopefully more apt to lose this weight after she is born!
I have had two “breakfast” blood tests now to make sure that I don’t need insulin. The test involves me fasting after midnight, going into the doctor for a blood draw. I then eat my breakfast there and they draw blood again an hour later. I am pleased to say that for now, I have passed both tests. They want me to take one more. The doctor said that nothing should change that drastically at this point and I should be able to continue to manage the diabetes through diet control.
So for now—the only place I have really been putting on a ton of weight—MY FEET! They are fat and swollen—but I will chalk that up to the summer heat vs. the food I am eating 🙂

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