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BCB Product Feature: Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Little Lamb

By lindsay

Recommended By: Lindsay Pinchuk, Chicago


After going to a few playgroups who had the Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing (retail $160) in their house, Baby J really seemed to like it—and so did everyone else’s baby. Once she got to three weeks old, and I felt like I did not have anywhere to set her down while I washed bottles, straightened up the kitchen, or went to the bathroom—I knew that I had to get something set up in my living room.

After a couple of days where I couldn’t calm her down I ran to Babies R Us and bought this swing.

There is a reason why everyone has it.

Besides the fact that it is super cozy, it also plays music and sounds, swings at multiple levels, and even three different motions. While the size of the base is the only downside (it is a bit wide), it more than does the trick. I often let Baby J fall asleep in the swing and then turn it off or transfer her to her bed. She can also sit in it for 1-2 hours at a time while she is awake looking at the moving lambs above her, or smiling at herself in the mirror. Now that we know how well this product works, I want to go get the matching bouncy chair to keep in my bedroom for the mornings when I am getting ready!

As I type this, Baby J is sleeping soundly in her swing waiting to be transferred to her crib for the night :)!


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