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BCB Product Feature: SwaddleMe by Summer Infant

By lindsay

Recommended By: Lindsay Pinchuk, Chicago

From week three, Baby J has been busting out of her swaddles. I was not sure if she didn’t like it, or if we weren’t making it tight enough. All in all, she is a good sleeper, so I didn’t think anything of it. However like any baby, she too has her moments and her bad nights. It made me wonder if I could do anything to help her sleep more soundly.


More than a few people told me to use the sleep sacks with the removable Velcro arms. The product reminded me of a straight jacket at first, but after the last two nights I am forever converted.

Three nights ago we put Baby J in the Sumer Infant organic cotton SwaddleMe. (I chose this one at the store because the size went up to 14lbs and wanted to get as much wear out of it as possible.) BABY J SLEPT WITHOUT WAKING UP FOR OVER 10 HOURS TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! Who knows if this was just a fluke, but she certainly seemed content. Not only did she get a good night’s sleep, but her tired parents (surprisingly) did too! I hope that I am not jinxing her sleep habits with this blogpost.

Recommended By: Katie Asner, Chicago

I can’t live without the fleece swaddle sleep sacks (either Halo or Summer). Hazel slept 6 hours her first night in it when she was 3 days old and has been STTN since 5 weeks old. I dread the moment we have to give up swaddling!!

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