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"Your Child's Complete Notebook"

By lindsay

Recommended By: Naja Lerus, Chicago
It’s a small notebook that you, as a parent can keep in your baby bag (or purse) and bring with you to each and every doctor’s appointment for your baby, and it has all of the milestones, and places where the doctor can fill in stating the shots that were administered etc… VERY cool idea! I was given something like this when my son was born back in ’03, but it was so small and little, you couldn’t even hardly see it!
This was a gift at my last baby shower back in June of this year, and I think that it’s such a good idea! Especially too, for example, if you need to change doctors, you know how the doctor you are leaving wants to make you PAY to get your child’s records transferred? Well with this you will have all of the records on hand yourself, and they will be valid, since at every visit, you get your baby’s doctor to either sign it or stamp it!
I hope that this nomination gets the person that created this, the recognition they deserve! 🙂

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