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BCB Product Feature: JJ Cole Collections Car Seat Cover

By lindsay

Recommended by: Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder, Bump Club and Beyond

Let’s face it, you can’t walk anywhere in Chicago on a cold day and not run into a million buntings over strollers and car seats. How else are you supposed to keep your child warm on Chicago’s blustery winter days? Until last month, we were using the Bundleme over our infant car seat too. After a recent meeting with fireman and co-owner of Chicago-based Safety Squad, Brooks Watson, I had no idea that there were safer options for keeping Baby J warm during the coldest days.

Brooks pointed out to me that the Bundleme was a GREAT option for the stroller, or for the infant seat, when you are ON A WALK. However, he told me that putting any kind of insulation device into the infant car seat while driving in the car is not the safest solution. Even a warm puffy coat can provide extra padding that can inhibit the car seat to perform as it is supposed to. Brooks introduced me to my new FAVORITE product—the JJ Cole Collections Car Seat Cover. He praised JJ Cole for coming out with this alternate product to help keep babies warm and SAFE while in a moving vehicle.
The Car Seat Cover (retailing at around $30) fits OVER the infant car seat with an elastic grip. It unzips completely, allowing you access to all of the straps and pulls—to help insure that you put your baby in the infant seat properly. This great product helps keep baby warm, but also allows for baby to fit in the car seat properly, and for the seat to perform as it is meant to. On a REALLY cold day, I also stick a blanket in over Baby J…and if it is REALLY REALLY cold, I can cover her tiny face with the flap that goes over the opening and will protect her from the wind, but still provides her with proper ventilation.
While I love my JJ Cole Collections Bundleme (especially because mine is purple…), I will save it for walks in our stroller later this winter/spring. For now, while Baby J is in her infant car seat, the JJ Cole Collections Car Seat Cover is a permanent fixture IN our car.
COST: $29.95
You can purchase on JJ Cole Collections website orwith our friends at Galt Baby.

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