5 Must-know Tips to Care for Baby Skin By Kim Walls, M.S. Episencial Founder & CEO Baby skin is very different from adult skin. As children grow,


By: Kim Walls, M.S.
Founder & CEO of

1. Baby skin is very different from adult skin. As children grow, develop and change – so does their skin. The skin of a full-term newborn is up to five times thinner than an adult’s skin. Because ingredients of grooming products can go right through the skin, especially thin skin, it is important that products are free from chemical ingredients during the early months and years of life.

2. For the first two years of life, and to a lesser degree, for the first five years of life, the skin is not able to stay amply hydrated by itself nor does it produce enough melanin – the body’s own version of sun protection. These basic facts call attention to the need for specialized natural baby skin care to support the unique needs of baby skin.

3. The skin is an important part of the body’s immune system. In addition to creating a barrier against the elements, the skin houses immune cells and produces antibodies. It is also one of the body’s 3 main systems for eliminating toxins, along with the lungs and digestive system. Therefore, natural and organic skin care that is actively healthy is essential to supporting your baby’s immune system.

4. Scientific research shows when a baby’s skin is frequently touched with love and care the child’s physical, emotional and brain development are greatly improved. Natural toxin-free skin care that enhances the experience of touch is an excellent way to support a baby’s overall development.

5. As with all healthy habits, creating good grooming routines early in life (especially during the first five years) have lasting positive benefits for both body and mind. What we teach our children when they are young, is our gift to them as they flourish.

**Kim Walls, M.S., is the CEO of Episencial® and chief formulator the company’s skincare products and philosophy. A second-generation skin care expert from the family that developed the world renowned Epicuren® anti-aging skin care products, she now combines her activism for health and environmentalism with expertise in clinical skin care and nutritional science to develop green, effective skin care for pregnant women and children. An esthetician with more than a decade of experience, Walls has honed her perspective focusing on botanically-based skin care and transdermal nutrient absorption as a pathway to improved health and beauty for women and children. She shares her experience internationally with dermatologists and estheticians, as well as childbirth and postpartum professionals, underscoring the relationship between optimum health and skin care. Now through Episencial, she is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with new and growing families to support the enhanced health and immunity that effective, all natural products can provide.

Kim’s strong, personal commitment to organic and environmentally-responsible living is at the core of Episencial’s high standards for green manufacturing and product development. Having grown up on ranches in the Pacific Northwest and now the mother of two young boys, Kim marries her innate understanding of the importance of sustainability, her birthright in luxury skincare with her post-graduate work as a nutritionist to establish a new standard in skincare research and products that support lasting health for today’s families.

Kim is a spokesperson not only for Episencial, but also for her broader mission to support actively healthy choices for a new Vivid Green Generation™. She is a sought after industry advisor to leading health advocacy organizations including Healthy Child, Healthy World, Infant Massage USA, the Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association and Pregnancy Awareness Month. Kim is often a featured speaker on television and at industry events, a contributor to high-traffic websites such as Ecomom.com, www.drgreene.com, and www.mindfulmama.com. Kim is currently writing two books on healthy lifestyle parenting and has authored articles for periodicals in the health and wellness industry to create awareness of skincare as a health issue in support of Episencial’s mission.