Food glorious food!


I waited until Baby J was more than ready for food to start solids. I actually waited until I attended Bump Club and Beyond’s first Baby Food Making class in April. J was 6 months and 3 days old. I needed help and wasn’t afraid to admit it.<!–more–>

I also openly admitted in front of all five classes during the series that I likely was not going to make my own baby food—even though we were having a Baby Food Making Class Series. I figured that if I didn’t cook dinner for my husband and I, how was I going to find time to make J a series of purees?

To mu surprise, I found the classes inspiring. I attended all five in the last series and learned something new every time. From the correct order of introduction for their digestive tract, to what to introduce at what age, to great ideas for when J is older that we can enjoy as a family—the classes were incredibly eye opening. Guess who is now making her own baby food? ME! (sometimes…)

I have found it very easy to throw bananas, roasted sweet potatoes (with the peel off), avocado, or steamed carrots in the Cuisinart Food Processor or Beaba Babycook and make a big batch of food for J. I spoon it into ice trays or my Innobaby storage containers and put it in the freezer for later use. When I use the ice trays, I let it freeze, and then pop it out and put the cubes in big freezer bags. The Innobaby containers provide enough food for two meals, which is great for when I forget to take food out of the freezer. I like knowing what is in the food that is going into J’s mouth—no additives, no preservatives.

I am not a full convert though—trust me, I, like many of you, don’t always have the time to make Baby J her food. I also am very forgetful and often forget to take out the cubes to let them thaw so we can use them for lunch or dinner. But this is the reason why we use store-bought baby food too! Here are some great new(er) products that we have found conducive to our busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

NurturMe: I just discovered this awesome product. The product comes in what looks like a “powdered” form, but it is actually naturally grown and quick dried, in order to maintain more nutritional value. They come in light weight, palm-sized pouches. That are SO easy to throw right into your diaper bag or purse. All you have to do is add water, formula or breastmilk and the dried food turns into a consistency that is perfect for baby. Since I could not transport my frozen baby food to Michigan last weekend, this was a great alternative and PERFECT for restaurants when we went out as a family. PLUS, NurturMe makes the only peas Baby J will put into her mouth.

Square One Organics: If you can’t make your own baby food, this is one of the next best things. Square One Organics is found in the frozen food section and is basically a store-bought version of what I make for J at home. Owner, Denise Henderson, started this company when her twins were diagnosed with allergies nearly ten years ago. She is a HUGE proponent for making your own food (Denise helped design the curriculum for our Baby Food Making Series at Whole Foods Market). The best part about this line is that it is based off of a “super food” philosophy. Most of the foods carried in the line are not those that I would make on my own, so it is great to be able to introduce them to Baby J. Included are papaya, mango, and pumpkin—which also can be seasonal in certain parts of the country.

Plum Organics: After taking Baby J through the airport on my own last week, this product is a MUST for any mom’s diaper bag. There are no bowls, and really you don’t even need a spoon. (However our friends at Boon Inc. make a great dispensable spoon for this product.) Being that I am always on the go, this ready made food is perfect for eating anywhere—particularly when you are in a place that may not afford you the luxury of a high chair or utensils. J sucked the food down in under 10 minutes and licked her lips with delight when she was done. These packets come in a wide variety of flavors. Their line extends beyond the food pouches and also into a great variety for tots including blends, puffs, finger foods, and more.

Bottom line, feeding your baby doesn’t have to be a chore. There are so many incredible products out there now, it actually is a ton of fun. Even if you don’t have the time to consistently make baby food, I highly recommend giving it a try once. I know that my food processor had not seen the light of day until I took it out for J. So at the very least, I found a new use for it. 🙂

After selling out in April, Bump Club and Beyond’s Baby Food Making Series presented by Whole Foods will be back in July and October of this year. Stay tuned to for more information.