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Meet our the BCB Super Mom Team!

By lindsay

We are so excited to introduce you to our first group of Bump Club and Beyond Super Moms! These eight women are so passionate about BCB that they will be working with us as brand ambassadors to continue to grow and expand our community. Not only will you see them as guests and participants at the events you attend, but they will be helping us to run our programming too, so that we can continue to offer youmore throughout your journey as moms and moms-to-be.
Take a minute to get to know them and please make sure to introduce yourself to them when you see them. They are incredible women, moms and now friends of ours. We could not be happier to make them a part of our community and yours. Stay tuned as we have a few more introductions coming next week!

Alina F.

I’m a native Chicagoan who returned to the city 5 years ago after more than a decade living and working as a healthcare marketing executive in Manhattan. A passionate urbanite, I live downtown in Lakeshore East and love exploring all that the city has to offer…particularly its cultural events and great eats. My husband Aaron and I welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl in April. BCB has been an amazing social platform and information resource that has been vital to my pregnancy and new mom experience. It not only helped us with challenges like getting our car seat properly installed and finding a night nurse but also enabled my husband and I to find an amazing group of new parent friends with whom we can share this remarkable experience. I’m excited to be a BCB Super Mom because it allows me to pay the blessings of Bump Club forward…to support and strengthen this unique resource so it can offer even more to the new mom community.

Carly C. I absolutely fell in love with Bump Club and Beyond when I was pregnant, and am thrilled to be a Super Mom! I have learned so much from my experiences and met great people along the way. The events that I’ve attended (every single one from the day i heard about bump club) have been instrumental in making me a better mom. Being a first time mom is scary, so attending the ‘beyond’ events have helped me find a new kind of support. I truly feel like Bump Club and Beyond played a huge role in my pregnancy and the mother I am today.

Claire F. I am choosing to be a Super Mom (super Mummy!) as I have enjoyed attending Bump Club events since I was about 4 months into my pregnancy. I continue to enjoy the ‘beyond’ events and have made lots of friend’s whom I meet up with regularly. Finding Bump Club & Beyond was such a blessing for me and am proud to be part of it’s growth. Almost 3 months into motherhood I’ve learnt so much so can help guide the new ‘preggos’ as well as spreading the word about BCB. I am a stay-at-home/work-from-home mum. From the UK (hence the ‘mum’!) I am a Graphic Designer with a freelance business (www.claireludeman.com) and an Art/Design/Fashion brand called Rudy Ludy (www.rudyludy.com). Make sure to check out our unisex baby clothes!
Georgia M. I am pregnant with my first child due in September, and I’m excited to join other new and expectant moms in this wonderful ride of motherhood! Bump Club and Beyond has been a wonderous place where I have met so many women and have been able to share in the excitement of what’s to come.

Jennifer H. It has been such joy for me to get to know Lindsay and the other moms-to-be/now moms through Bump Club! The events have been fun, informative and who doesn’t enjoy a chance to win a fabulous gift you are, undoubtedly, registered for?!? Throughout my pregnancy, I loved talking to other women experiencing the same things I was and getting advice from others who had just been in my shoes. As a new mom, scheduling Bump Club and Beyond events in advance made sure I would get out the door to do something social and FUN! It was also great practice for me, packing up my little guy and heading to an event I didn’t have to worry if he cried through (which he didn’t, so we know he loves BCB, too!) I am thrilled to be a Super Mom for BCB. It is a smart organization providing a great service to a fabulous population of women in the Chicago area.

Jenn L.

Jenn Larson was thrilled last summer to find that she was pregnant at the same time as her best girlfriends. The only problem was, they were all 1,000 miles away in Texas. As a new Chicago transplant, Bump Club and Beyond provided Jenn an opportunity to build a support community as she embarked on the adventures of motherhood. “Without BCB, I would have been a new mom lost in a new city,” says Jenn. “When I got to Chicago, I didn’t have any idea where to go to find cute maternity clothes let alone where to go to find awesome women and children to form a playgroup for my baby. Bump Club certainly changed that!” A self-proclaimed urban hippie, Jenn has eagerly taken on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, elimination communication, and food allergy challenges with a sense of humor and a willingness to share her experiences with fellow moms and moms-to-be.

Miriam S.

I’m very excited for the opportunity to give back and be a super mom for BCB because this group has given so much to me. I’m not from Chicago and BCB has been a wonderful resource to meet other moms and expectant moms. Also, all of the events have provided me great information to help me through the pregnancy, birth and now motherhood. I’m really grateful BCB exists! Thanks Lindsay!

Rainbow P.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, lived in NYC for ten years before moving to Chicago to be with my now-husband, Andrew. I’ve lived here for almost three years–and still not used to the winters! I work in advertising as a TV producer…you’ve probably seen some of the TV ads I’ve produced–for Kohl’s, Kmart, McDonald’s, and Verizon to name a few. I love my job, but now, I have an even better job–a mom to a baby girl.
I joined Bump Club because I wanted to meet other soon-to-be moms and share the experience of being pregnant. I can actually say that not only did I enjoy being pregnant, but I now have a great set of new mom friends and am loving maternity leave. Who knew that maternity leave (and 42 weeks of pregnancy!) would be so fun and social?! I really believe I owe that to Bump Club.
I am very excited to be a Super Mom and hope I can share everything I have learned about pregnancy, labor, and being a mom with others expectant moms and new moms. Being pregnant and being a new mom can be very challenging–but it can also be really fun with a great support group. As a Super Mom, I hope that I can help people find that support, but also make these challenging times as fun as possible!

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