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Simply 'Classic' Photography

By lindsay

As many of you know, I am a HUGE proponent for taking pictures and preserving memories. One of the bonuses of being a new mom is that pictures have opened up a whole new world for giving gifts to my parents (now grandparents), in-laws, and even my husband. A recent photo shoot that Baby J had at Classic Kids Photography in Lincoln Park produced gifts for everyone. I was so in love with the photographs, I couldn’t choose! These pictures are unique—they are only taken in black and white photography at the studio.

Baby J and I had so much fun with Lisa and her team as they snapped away at us. I say “snapped” because Classic Kids is one of the only photography studios in the city that still takes pictures using film. The resulting photographs can be described simply in one word: CLASSIC. The black and white images are incredible and their team knows just how to get your baby smiling and looking in the right direction.

My experience at Classic Kids didn’t stop with the photo shoot. After my session we set up a time to come in and look at the proofs. I was surprised by how much fun I had, and how holding an image in your hand and playing around with the photographs on the table was so much fun. (Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to use the computer to get rid of my wrinkles, but there was something amazing about holding the pictures and going through them.)

Sarah from Classic Kids helped me to combine the images into montages and groups that would compliment each other once framed. She made the process simple and easy—and I cannot WAIT to see the outcome.

Classic Kids pictures are different from any other that I have had taken of Baby J. They are truly special and perfect for that special occasion or milestone that you are looking to preserve. The only problem was that I easily could have bought all of the images had Lisa and Sarah not reigned me in! (I’m sure my husband will thank you for that later!)

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