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BCB Chicago Announces a Sibling City

By lindsay

By Jenn Larson, Bump Club and Beyond Austin

So the word is out… Bump Club and Beyond is GROWING!!!! It’s thrilling to think that a new city of moms and moms-to-be will be gifted with the amazing experiences we have all had as BCB members; all the new friendships that will be made, all the information that will be shared, and ALL THOSE GIFTBAGS that will be given out! As a new mom, I find that I love a good birth story. Today I am proud to share a very recent birth story with you- the birth of Bump Club and Beyond AUSTIN!

Bump Club and Beyond has played a crucial role in my journey as a new mother. I found out I was pregnant shortly after moving to Chicago. Pregnancy itself can be overwhelming at times, but being pregnant in a new city far from family and friends can make the experience seem downright challenging. I was lucky to stumble upon Bump Club and Beyond early in my pregnancy. From my very first BCB event, I was hooked! I loved being able to get together with other women who were experiencing similar things and were just as eager to talk about sonograms or strollers as they were current events or fashion. I left every event feeling renewed and encouraged- and with an ever growing circle of amazing girlfriends. My Bump Club mama friends (who later became my playgroup!) were actually the last people to see me without a baby since I joined them all for Beautiful Bellies yoga the morning before I went into labor!

After giving birth to Baby N in March, I was very eager to join all the ladies who had moved beyond their baby bumps- I even made it to an event nine days after giving birth! Bump Club and Beyond played an even more important role in my life once I became a mom because it helped me to stay engaged with other moms and moms-to-be in ways that strengthened my parenting skills and left me feeling refreshed and energized. Putting a BCB event on the calendar, insured that I made it out of the house to recharge and socialize. Being around other women who were engaged in similar, often deliriously hilarious situations, gave me an opportunity to develop a sense of humor about the everyday challenges of parenthood. As I became a fixture at Bump Club and Beyond events, Lindsay asked me to serve as a guest blogger and then as a “Super Mom.”

As Bump Club and Beyond celebrated booming success with Chicago moms and moms-to-be after being named Best Mommy Hub by Chicago Magazine, I learned that I was moving back to my beloved Austin, TX… but away from BCB! I sadly relayed the news to Lindsay at a Babyfood Making class that I was hosting as a BCB Super Mom. The idea must have sparked for both of us simultaneously…. it seemed like the perfect marriage: I loved BCB dearly, and Lindsay knew it was time for Chicago to share the BCB love with another city of beautiful moms and moms-to-be.

With that, a sibling city was born…

I hope you are as excited as I am to welcome Bump Club and Beyond Austin to the family! Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear the latest on our events and happenings. Watch for some fabulous contests in the coming weeks and our first event later this fall. I can’t wait to see you soon!

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