Green(er) Cleaners that actually work!

It’s April, and Earth Day is a few short weeks away.  While this time of year often reminds us of all of the ways we can act more environmentally responsible, we wanted to share some of our favorite green products that you can use all year round.  Earlier this week we shared some of our favorite Living Green(er) tips and products on ABC7 Chicago.  Our goal is to help you  to create a green(er) and healthier environment in your home for your family.   Many of us often don’t realize the harmful chemicals and toxins that lurk in the substances we use everyday.  Here are some of our favorite green(er) cleaners.  We’ve tried them all and have been pleasantly surprised by each and every one of them!

Seventh Generation Tile and Tub Cleaner, $5.99

Seventh Generation’s ever popular formula now comes in a spray!  Great for getting in between all of the bathroom tiles, but safe for your little one too.






Naturally It's Clean Stain Eraser

Naturally It’s Clean, Stain Eraser, $20 for 5-towelette packets

Great to throw in your diaper bag or purse, the Stain Eraser safely removes most stains from fabrics.  The perfect item for any on-the-go mom!


ecoSTORE Liquid Laundry

ecoSTORE Laundry Liquid, $6.75 for 32 oz. 

Most of us would never think that our laundry detergent could contain harmful ingredients. ecoSTORE’s gentle formula contains ingredients derived from coconut and eucalyptus oil for extra cleaning power and a fresh, clean fragrance.  The bonus?  It’s extra concentrated, meaning you don’t have to use that much for each wash, OR store a giant container in your laundry room!


Dapple Baby Bottle Dish Liquid

Dapple Baby Bottle Dish Liquid, $7 for 34 oz. 

This award-winning product’s formula is designed to break down and get rid of milk residue and odor, making it perfect for washing bottles, sippy cups, breast pump components and pacifiers.  Of course it is free of phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES, and dyes too.

Better Life 2am Miracle Nursery Cleaner

 Better Life 2am Miracle, $7.99

This cleaner is specifically for the most important room in your home—the nursery.  It safely cleaners surfaces, high chairs, mattresses, changing pads, cribs and more without leaving residue. The scent is an added bonus: Pure essential oils of lavender and chamomile help you and baby relax.

CleanWell Hand Soap


Clean Well Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap, $5.49


With four amazing scents to choose from, killing the germs on your hands has never been this much fun.



Method Home Daily Granite Polish

 Method Daily Granite Polish, $5.49

We love this solution for cleaning all of the stone surfaces in our home because a) it works and b) it smells AMAZING!

Activeion Ionator HOM

 Ionator Hom, $179.99


We’ve been a fan of this device since we met our friends at ActiveIon while working at Good Housekeeping (back in the day!) While the price tag may seem high, you will never buy a surface cleaner again.  The Ionator’s technology allows you to clean the surfaces in your home and kill germs through a simple spray of tap-water.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their website to see how.  This device is the ultimate in Green(er) Cleaners.

Join Bump Club and Beyond for their Living Green(er) Faire presented by FLOR on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at FLOR, 1843 North Clybourn Avenue.  Our Green(er) Living Expert Panel will discuss the ins and outs of environmentally products, what is green, the safest toys for your baby, steps towards a more sustainable kitchen and more.  Everyone will take home an Envirosax tote bag filled with many of the products features on the ABC7 Chicago news segment and right here in this blog post.