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BCB Dishes Birthday Parties with Explore and Much More

By lindsay

Many of Bump Club and Beyond’s families visited with Explore and Much More at our 1st Annual Ultimate Birthday Bash last month.  We took a few minutes to talk to the owners, who are also physicians (talk about busy parents!) about what makes a birthday party at Explore and Much More spectacular.
How did you have the idea to open Explore and Much More?
The drive to open Explore & Much More came from our 3 children.  We frequented Children’s museums quite often with our young ones and decided that it would be nice to have a smaller, clean, fun and educational playspace that we and other families could enjoy in our neighborhood.  We had a famous children’s museum designer and a preschool teacher design the space.
Tell us about a typical birthday celebration at Explore and Much More.
Our typical birthday celebration includes the private use of the playspace. Two party assistants run the party and take care of all the details so that all guests including the party host can enjoy the party to the fullest.  We provide all paper products and also have environmentally friendly packages.  We end our parties with an awesome balloon drop.
What makes an Explore and Much More Birthday Party an event that will be remembered forever?
We make every effort to make the party as enjoyable as possible for all our guests.  We take care of all the details.  Our playspace has many unique play opportunities to engage children of all ages and families tend to remember this forever.
What was the most creative birthday party you have had at Explore and Much More?
We have had many creative customized parties and enjoy the challenge of hosting a unique party.  Some examples include our famous Jungle theme, dinosaurs, Dr. Seuss Pajama party, Super Heroes and Princess parties.
What is the best party favor you have seen at an Explore and Much More Birthday Party?
There have been many great party favors but our favorite has been when the party host provided each of their guests with one return open play visit to Explore & Much More.
Who makes the best birthday cakes in Chicago?
We think that Chicago has some of the best bakeries in the country including Sensational Bites, Dinkels, Sweet Mandy B’s and many more.  Many parents bring in great homemade birthday cakes.
What are some popular trends you have seen at birthday parties in the last six months?
Customized parties using many of the children’s favorite characters are very popular.  Our party hosts have also been asking to include slide shows on our TVs for their guests to enjoy.
Is there anything else that you want to share with our parents as to how they can make their birthday celebrations spectacular?
We think that the best parties are the stress free parties where guests and hosts enjoy themselves to the maximum.  We try and facilitate this at Explore & Much More by offering many custom packages and taking care of all the details.  

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