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WINNERS: Bump Up Your Social Life Sweepstakes

By lindsay

We were overwhelmed by the number of moms and moms-to-be who told us their incredible stories about connecting with other moms and moms-to-be.  Thank you to everyone who shared your stories, tips and advice.  Winners were selected at random using the 3rd party WooBox application. We will be sharing them in upcoming blog posts and through other ways (stay tuned!) But for now, congratulations to the WINNERS of our Bump Club Your Social Life Sweepstakes.  Here are the winners and their stories:
Winner of a YEAR of UNLIMITED BCB events in CHICAGO, IL: Audrey S.
I met my first ‘mom-to-be’ friend at my prenatal exercise class. We were doing wall squats next to each other and were both talking about how we enjoyed walking along the lake, so naturally we asked where the other one lived and it turns out Lydia and I were just a block away from each other! We became walking buddies and have since seen each other at least once a week (for the past 1.5 years). Lydia invited me to my first Bump Club event (and now I’m hooked, inviting my other mom and mom-to-be friends!). I’m so grateful for Lydia’s friendship and our little ones, who are only a month apart in age, now enjoy weekly play dates. 🙂
Winner of a YEAR of UNLIMITED BCB events in AUSTIN, TX: Amy T., Austin
I joined my first Mom group years before I actually had a baby. I’ve been a nanny for over ten years and joined a group about eight years ago. I wanted the little girl I was caring for to have some playmates. All the Moms in the group accepted me and treated me just like everyone else. They also enjoyed the perspective from a caretakers point of view. Because it was not my first infant to care for I found I was the one giving advice sometimes. I ended up meeting one of my good friends in that group. Even though we live in different states now we still talk regularly. She gave me lots of advice throughout my pregnancy and I was grateful to have a friend give me some of the not so pretty details of being pregnant!
Winner of a Stokke Tripp Trapp: Caroline L., Chicago
At the last Lululemon Beautiful Bellies workout before my son was born I reconnected with Lara whom I had met at another BCB event, she wound up having her baby the next week.  We met another mom there, Susie, who had her baby 4 days after my son was born.  The three of us constantly talked during the remaining days/weeks before our 3 children were born and have continued to ever since.  We started meeting every Thursday at Little Beans about a week after Thanksgiving so we could all get out of the house.  Since that last Lululemon Beautiful Bellies workout before my son was born, Lara and Susie have become great friends who I can always count on to talk to about ‘mom issues’ as well as just great friends of mine PERIOD.  We even try to get together with our husbands as often as we can, who have also become friends.  And I never would have met them if it wasn’t for Bump Club and Beyond!
Winners were notified via email and mentioned in our BCB Bits email on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

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