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The Anatomy of a BCB Resident Expert

By lindsay

By Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder, Bump Club and Beyond
For nearly a decade after college,  I worked in publishing, advertising , marketing and business.  My two degrees are in communications and marketing and have been the credentials I have used to build the community that is now Bump Club and Beyond.  BCB remains dedicated to connecting you with the BEST information, the BEST Resources, the BEST product knowledge and the BEST expert advice WHILE connecting you with each other.
Since becoming a mom it seems that everywhere I turn someone else wants to offer me (and all of you) his or her advice and “expert” opinion on everything.  Whether it’s your own mother, in-laws, friends, or simply people professing to be an “expert” at something—everyone seems to know how to raise my child better than me.  I have said it for two years and I will continue to say it now.  Your best is good enough.  There are an infinite number of “right ways,” and what works for you and your family is the right way for you.
While I may be a mom, and one who has made a career and built a business out of this role in my life, I have never professed to being an “expert” at anything that is clearly out of my realm of expertise.   I may share my favorite products and gear on TV regularly, but when it comes to the truly important topics of parenting, I turn to the BCB Resident Expert Team.  For example, when someone asks me a question about what to feed their baby or Toddler J’s picky eating I always begin with: “Our Resident Nutrition Expert, Lara Field, has said…” If I can, I simply go on to answer their questions with something I have heard in one of Lara’s many sessions.  If I can’t, I refer them to her, her website or to one of our sessions with her at the helm.  Lara is the one that can offer this advice with the facts and proper information to back up what she is saying. She has the letters MS, RD, CSP, LDN, following her name indicating that she is qualified to answer these questions with professional knowledge.  I do not.
I too am learning as I go, just like many of you.   You won’t find me giving nutrition advice, or explaining why you should discipline your child a certain way, or telling you how to put your baby to sleep.  I can tell you what worked for me, but keep in mind, that may not be what is best for you.  For all of the hot topics at Bump Club and Beyond relevant to parenthood, we search our cities and across the country to find the best experts with the credentials to prove it.   I wouldn’t settle for anything less for myself and don’t expect you to either.
While I may weigh in on topics or “what I did” when asked, I am not the one with the many degrees which constitute the title of Registered Dietician, Social Worker, or PhD.  I did not spend eight years in school to become a Doctor or a Labor and Delivery Nurse.  I am the first to admit it and to call in the reinforcements when it comes to giving YOU, our dedicated and trusting audience, the best advice, opinions, resources and expert knowledge as possible.  While there are often many ways to do something, Bump Club will do our best to present as many options and sides to the story as possible.  But please know that we will do so with our experts who have the authority and qualifications to be offering you the information you are looking for.
While I think that we can all learn a lot from our own stories, support, and missteps as moms, when it comes to attending seminars and events to hear the facts which we use to make decisions about how to raise your child, I fully believe that you need to take a minute and look at where this information is coming from.  Ask yourself—what kind of training does this person have?  Do they have the degrees necessary to be offering me this advice?  What is their background? Like I said, sharing information with one another helps, but the letters MOM following someone’s name does not always make them qualified to answer some of the questions that you may have. Your time is valuable and I want you to get the best information in the time you spend with us, which is why we work with the BEST experts across their respected fields.
Having the right information at your fingertips is incredibly important.  I know that you can’t always make it to every BCB event and that many of you who follow us live out of town.  I also know that sometimes our events may not come at the time when you specifically need them most.  For this reason, BCB is instituting a new ASK THE EXPERT column on our new website and the BCBlog.  You can click on ANY of the subjects on our BCBest Products & Advice pages.  At the top of the page will be the BCB Resident Expert related to that topic with a biography of their background and qualifications.  There will also be a large pink box that reads “ASK THE EXPERT ON THE BCBlog.”  You can click here to send in an email question on that specific topic for that expert.
Starting at once a month, our BCB Resident Experts will be taking consolidated questions that we think our audience will benefit from most and answering them on the BCBlog.  For the tough questions, these experts will be Registered Dieticians, Peditricians, OBGYNs, Mental Health Counselors, Certified Gottman Educators, IBCLCs, Child Passenger Safety Technicians, Registered Nurses, and other qualified educators and experts from Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Austin, TX and across the country.
We hope that this is a way for you to get to know the BCB Resident Experts better and for you to continue to get the best information for your life as a mom—even when a BCB event isn’t on the calendar for you. Thanks for having our back and know that our team, including our Resident Experts, will always have yours. 🙂

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