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By lindsay

By Jacki Krashin, Bump Club and Beyond VIP since 2010

A picture speaks a thousand words (see picture attached)…we LOVE our ZoLi Bot Cups! Switching from bottles to sippy cups can be a struggle. One look at our overflowing cabinets of every sippy cup on the market and you can see nothing is perfect.  You never know if your kid will like it until they try it.
DOZENS of cups later I found the ZoLi Bot and never looked back.  To begin with there aren’t multiple parts! This is one of the most annoying thing with straw sippy cups, somehow they all have 3-5 parts that you have to take apart, clean and then remember how to put it back together.  Another wonderful benefit of the ZoLi is the weighted straw, your child can get every last drop of milk/water out of the cup with no waste or frustration, they can be laying down, sitting upright or on their head and still getting their milk!  Also, the straw is very easy to use for your child, there is no biting and sucking trick to learn, my daughter picked it up on the first try.
As I stated above, nothing is perfect, the ZoLi Bot does leak after you have owned it for awhile, if you turn the top to tight the pressure brings the liquid up the straw and spill out, and if you don’t put the lid on just right it leaks.  I have called ZoLi;  They have awesome customer service and will replace straws etc if you are having issues.  Even with the occasional leaki the Zoli Bot is still our go to cup!
I LOVE: The ease of use and weighted straw.

I WISH:  It didn’t occasionally leak.
COST: $12, for the 6oz; $15 for the 9oz.
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