Product Review: BOB Revolution SE Duallie


BOB Revolution SE Duallie, $659.99

By: Amber Casper, Bump Club and Beyond VIP since 2010, Mom of 2

BOB Revolution SE Duallie

I will start by saying – we have a LOT of strollers and this one is my husband’s favorite.  He has complaints about the other 4, and would happily use only the BOB if that was practical. He loves how it easy it is to push and how sturdy it is.

My husband does run frequently with our son in the BOB, so it is used as it was intended.  We live in a house in the suburbs and have a few steps down from our front door to the sidewalk, and with the big tires it is easy to maneuver down the stairs.  But when we previously lived on the 2nd floor of a condo building, it was quite a pain to carry down multiple flights of stairs because of the size and weight. I ended up just leaving it in the foyer on the main level to avoid having to carry it frequently.

We rarely put this stroller in the car as we have other options that are easier to travel with and take up less trunk space.  But when we do take it along, the fold is easy.  Its not a complicated process to load and unload. But it does take up a large amount of room and is not light.

I would highly recommend this stroller for jogging, long walks and anytime you are just out and about but don’t need to stop any place. It is large and can be difficult to maneuver in smaller restaurants, stores, etc.  The basket underneath is an adequate size, but not huge. I can fit our diaper bag, but it needs to be shoved in.  We have the car seat converter, child tray and parent console for drinks and keys, but none of the accessories came with the stroller.  I think the console is a must-have.

I LOVE how well the stroller handles over curbs, bumps and just about any terrain we throw at it.

I WISH is was just a bit lighter or folded smaller so that it was more multipurpose.