BCB’s #26acts Number 6-8


By Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder, Bump Club and Beyond

We spent the last two days with our family, with #26acts sprinkled in between and among our time together.  These three acts continue to show that all it takes is a little time and heart to brighten someone’s day.  Here’s how we spent our Christmas holiday:

BCB #26acts Number 6: Just last week one of the producers we work with at “Windy City Live” called me to tell me they had found a few leftover items and toys from our huge Gift Guide reveal on December 3rd.  We thought we had picked it all up, but there were some extra items tucked away in a back closet…most of them leftover toys.  On Christmas Eve morning my husband and I packed them up and dropped them off at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.  Due to the transmission of germs and other unknowns, only NEW items can be dropped off at Lurie Children’s Hospital.  We couldn’t think of a better place to donate these three dozen new toys than to bring them to kids who have to spend their holidays in the hospital.  Lurie takes toys all year round, you can find more information on their donation process here.

Baking cookies on Christmas Eve!

Baking cookies on Christmas Eve!

BCB #26acts Number 7: For the first time ever I decided to bake with Toddler J!  She was incredibly excited and together we spent our after nap time on Christmas Eve baking over four dozen chocolate chip cookies.  (J was the expert mixer!)  We’ve bagged up the cookies and began passing them out today to put a smile on the faces of their recipients.  Our first stop was to our favorite Baristas at our Starbucks on Christmas morning.  We know that many of these hard working individuals would have much rather been at home with their families, but there they were, serving coffee with a smile. Tomorrow we will be taking the cookies and giving them out to even more lucky recipients!

BCB #26acts Number 8:  It’s become a family tradition since J was born to go to Fireplace Inn for Christmas dinner.  Tonight was no exception!  My parents joined us from out of town and we had a great dinner at one of our favorite Chicago restaurants.  I noticed a homeless man sitting outside on our way in.  I made sure that all of our leftovers (including J’s barely touched meal) were packed up, but not for us to take home.  On the way out I walked over to the man who had joyously wished us a Merry Christmas on our way in, and on the way out gave him a hot meal.  He couldn’t have been more thankful and appreciative.

We want to hear what you’re doing!  Email us your #26acts at info@bumpclubchicago.com, comment on our Facebook posts, or tweet us @bumpclubchicago.  We hope that your holiday was merry and bright.  Stay tuned for more!