PRODUCT REVIEW: Itzy Ritzy Wet Happens


Reviewed by: Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder, Bump Club and Beyond

Itzy Ritzy Wet Happens Bag, $19.95 (large), $17.95 (medium)         

This is a product to file in the “never leave home without” category.  This waterproof, lined, multi-use bag has become a staple in diaper bags across the country, mine included.    It comes in multiple patterns and serves as the perfect place to carry your diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for your little one.  If someone has an accident or spits up all over themselves, you can put the wet, soiled clothes in this lined bag until you can safely empty its contents into your washing machine.

The lining of the Wet Happens bag distinguishes this product from any other which you would use to organize your carry all.  It insures that all wet items stay in one place and don’t ruin other items in your purse/diaper bag.

When my daughter was 8-weeks old I was caught in a restaurant bathroom with poop covered clothes.  While I didn’t have an extra outfit (lesson learned) and had to wrap her in my winter scarf until a friend gave me her extra, I DID have my Wet Happens Bag.  Itzy Ritzy allowed me to save her Tea Collection outfit from the garbage can moving their brand and product on to my “never leave home without this item” list of.

I LOVE: Everything about this product.

I WISH:  This product comes in smaller versions, but I would definitely purchase an Itzy Ritzy Bag that was one size bigger than the current Wet Happens.  Or better yet, one that had two compartments.  After spending the summer swimming almost every day during the week, a bigger Wet Happens bag would be ideal for long days spent at the pool or beach.