PRODUCT REVIEW: journeyBee Portable Crib


Reviewed by: Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder, Bump Club and Beyond


journeyBee Portable Crib, $149


Toddler J has been traveling since she was just three months old.  As a child who has both sets of grandparents living out of town, airplanes and road trips have been just as much a part of my child’s life as sleep sacks, bottles and sippy cups 🙂  The challenge with going out of town has always been:  where is J going to sleep when we arrive.  Neither set of grandparents have a suitable full-size crib, so we have always had to use a portable option, often to her disappointment (and to ours as we have spent many nights away sitting with her until she fell asleep.)  Traveling is always fun, but the sleep part with a baby and now a toddler who is well aware of her surroundings has NEVER been easy.

Insert the journeyBee Portable Crib.  While walking the floor at the ABC Kids Expo this past September, I ran into my friend and Editor-In-Chief of FitPregnancy magazine, Peg Moline.  “Have you seen the journeyBee yet?”  I hadn’t, but made it a point to get over to their booth asap to check it out.

It was love at first sight.  This easy to use, light-weight travel crib may just be the solution I am looking for, was my immediate thought.  While it looked great, and seemed to perform well, the true test would be whether or not J would actually sleep in it.

We had our first chance to truly test it out a few weeks ago.  We took the journeyBee to the airport and checked it (Please note: when checking it may come out in the “over sized baggage” area.)  Upon arrival at my in-laws I unzipped the case, removed the safety strap and popped it up.  I put the mattress on the bottom and added a sheet to make it more comfy for J.  It takes under 20 seconds to set it up.   That night J went right to sleep.

While I was not sure if this was a fluke or the real deal, the true test would be if she slept in the journeyBee night after night.  And she did.  J has begun to protest other travel cribs as I don’t think those elevated off the floor can hold her weight comfortably, and she certainly is getting a bit long for many of them.  When it was time to go home, I folded the crib up (it takes under a minute) put it in the travel case and checked it through to Chicago.

This last trip was actually the second use of the journeyBee for J.  The first was on a road trip to her other grandparent’s house.  She slept fine in it there as well, but since we were road tripping, we didn’t have to check it through at the airport.  All in all, both times this product has proven to be a WIN.

I LOVE:  Everything about this product.  First and foremost, the price, its $149.  Secondly, it has a larger sleeping area than most portable cribs, making Toddler J, who is actually tall for her age, comfortable.  It’s light weight.  The travel bag comes with a handy strap that makes carrying it easy, even when you have a million other things.  The setup is a CINCH—the crib basically pops open.

I WISH:  The process to put it away was as simple as it is to open. (It’s not hard, but to set it up it basically pops open on its own.) But then again, nothing is perfect.  After a few times practicing, folding it becomes second nature.

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