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ASK THE EXPERT: Potty Training

By lindsay

QUESTION: Hello Janeen,  I attended the potty training workshop last fall at Little Beans. Our training is going very well for both day and night at home. We only use a potty chair on the floor (joovy most often and Bjorn in the spare bathroom). We haven’t had my 2 year old (25 months) sit on the regular toilet yet. How do I transition to use both? I’d like to get a travel potty seat to sit on top of a public toilet, that also fits in my diaper bag. Right now we put a diaper on my daughter when we leave the house. Her diaper is always dry when we return home. I tried sitting her on the toilet in a restaurant today because we were out longer than usual and her diaper was still dry, but she refused (said no, no mommy) and didn’t want to attempt to go. I don’t want her to hold it (if that’s what she’s doing) too long. But I also want to begin the process of her being comfortable on the toilet. What do you recommend/suggest at this point?

Thank you in advance for your time and insight.
Kind regards,  LG


Hi LG,It sounds like you’ve laid a great foundation in your potty training work. Since your daughter is seeking and using the potty at home with great success, I think you can introduce a travel potty at home for her to try. This will make it more familiar when you offer it in a public bathroom. Remember that you offer her the choice and she can choose. It may take her several times before she chooses to use the seat on the toilet versus the floor potty, however, what’s more important is that she feels comfortable. Good luck!Janeen

Janeen Hayward is the Principal of Swellbeing, a complete parenting resource.  Swellbeing specializes in smart solutions and sympathetic support for modern parents—and their kids. Simply put, they’re the missing manual to parenthood.For more information visit Janeen’s blog where she writes about parenting topics on a regular basis.  Janeen regularly speaks at Bump Club and Beyond events on sleep, positive discipline, potty training, preparing for a second sibling and more.
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