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What to do during your 2nd trimester

By lindsay

When you first find out your pregnant you still have time before you have to actually start doing anything to make preparations for your baby.  Most of your first trimester is spent trying to take a nap or feel better.  However once it’s time to share the news, there will certainly be plenty to do.
BCB Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk, shared some of her tips for the beginning of your 2nd trimester on WGN Midday News on June 25, 2013.  SEE CLIP HERE.  Here are some of Lindsay’s tips:
Make an announcement about your pregnancy!  You can finally share the news, so why not do it in a creative way?  Some of our favorite pregnancy announcements include:

Start to buy maternity clothes.  I always say to buy it when you need it.  It’s hard to anticipate how your body will change or how big you’re going to get.  (For example, I purchased a dress in the beginning of my first prengnacy which I LOVED, but it never fit right and I never wore it.)  But your body changes fast, so it’s a great idea to start with the essentials:

  • We love the Ingrid and Isabel’s Maternity Essentials pieces.  These will get you through your entire pregnancy and beyond.  I often pair my ponte pants and tank with a  non-maternity blazer or cardigan and great accessories—making for a fool-proof outfit!
    • Essential Tank, $38
    • Essential Cami, $28
    •  Bella Band, $28
    • Everywear Scarf, $28
    • Low Rise Legging, $38
    • Ponte Pants, $98
  • One or two good pair of jeans. But again, take it slow and buy them when you need them.  We LOVE the jeans that fit under your belly for early on, but later in your pregnancy there is nothing better than the kind that go all the way over to your belly and won’t feel like they fall down.
    • Old Navy has an extensive line of maternity denim that won’t break the bank.  All colors, washes, and different types of maternity bands.
    • If you want to invest in one good designer pair of jeans we love J Brand.Not only did we wear these DURING our pregnancy, but they look just like our non-maternity styles and wore them after as we were working on getting back into our pre-maternity jeans.
  • The Recovery Dress by Chicago-Designer Molly Ades, $87.  This is the ONE dress you need.  It goes from work to a night out and you can wear it after the baby arrives while you get back into your pre-maternity clothes.  The fabric is double-lined and grows and shrinks with your belly!

Plan a Babymoon!  This is the perfect excuse to have one last hurrah before the baby arrives! Some of our favorite places include:

  • Four Seasons for a Chicago staycation.  Their service is top-notch!  You can request a full body pillow, a visit from the ice cream man and even pickles!  Make sure to visit the spa for a Maternity Massage.  Click here to see available packages at The Four Seasons Chicago. Combine this stay with theater tickets, a great restaurant reservation and you’re set for the weekend.
  •  The American Club Resort (A Kohler Experience), Wisconsin:  Only a short drive from Chicago, but a world away, you can visit the world class spa, eat delicious food and relax all weekend long.  They have an amazing golf course if your other half wants to play while you’re in the spa.
  • Other ideas:
    • We love Arizona for the late spring and fall: great food, great resorts, great spa.
    • We love the Carribbean for winter.
    • We LOVE Europe if you’re up for adventure.

Some of the more serious items you will want to check off your to-do list during this time of your pregnancy include:

  • Putting your baby on a waitlist for daycare if you are looking at this option for childcare.  Believe it or not, many daycares fill up and the earlier you get on the waitlist, the better.
  • You’ll want to start getting information on and thinking about updating your will (including any information as it pertains to the baby) as well as your 401K beneficiaries and purchasing life insurance.

Stay tuned for more as next month we’ll cover what to check off your-to-do list during the second part of your second trimester! For now, enjoy!

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