Chicago Car Seat Installations


We’re often asked about places to go in Chicago for proper car seat installs and checks. After our HUGE BCBaby Basics Bootcamp event last week, we wanted to reiterate some of the tips and knowledge shared at that event. Brooks Watson, co-owner of Safety Squad recommended the following places to have your car seat safely installed by someone who is certified:

*   Galt Baby in Lincoln Park, 1915 North Clybourn (also, this is a free service if  you purchase your car seat there.) *   Safe Kids Downtown: 312-227-6696 225 E. Chicago (Service on Superior) *   Chicago Police Dept. 312-746-8396 S Blue Island Ave  (near south side)

Brooks, also a a member of the Chicago Fire Department, commented that he has checked installs from all three of  these places and is confident in each of them.  We personally always recommend Galt as they provide a one-stop shop, are  certified and incredibly knowledgeable, work off a checklist, and  are incredibly convenient for many of our families. We encourage you to ask questions to whoever you use, as this is the only way you will learn how to install it yourself in the event that you have to.  Another tip from Brooks, ask for the car seat technicians certification number, they all have one and can show it to you to prove that they actually are certified.