10 Most Used Baby Items During My First Week Home


By: Lindsay Pinchuk, CEO + Founder, Bump Club and Beyond

Baby #2 arrived only one week ago.  I have to say, it is MUCH different this time around!  I am more laid back, less stressed and overall, I feel that I know what I am doing…which gives me more time to enjoy my new baby girl.

Over the last week I couldn’t imagine my life without these incredible products.  Take note, if you have a baby on the way you may want to look into them as well!

    1. Breeze4moms Breeze, $299:  Truly living up to its name, this portable crib is set up in my living room, which is my main station during the day.  The Breeze allows me to lay Baby L down flat to nap and stay in the room with her without having to go up and down the stairs.  I LOVE this product as it is a cinch to set up, so if we have company or if I want to put it away it literally is a breeze to do so.

    1. Little LambFisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle and Swing, $160: Our FP Little Lamp Swing has been on tour since Baby J (my first daughter) was born, and is now back in our house.  It’s been at 6-7 friends houses over the course of the last two years and now it’s back for Baby L to enjoy!  Next to the Breeze or sleeping on mom, this is where L loves spending her time.  She loves the movement, the sounds, the mirror and just hanging out here. PLUS its extra cozy.

    1. simple-wishes-hands-free-pump-bra_1024x1024Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra, $29-39: I am a pumper and would be LOST without this product.  EVERYONE who is pumping should pony up the $30 to purchase this as your life will be so much more enjoyable.  The hands-free pumping bra allows me to catch up on emails, texts or social media while I am pumping, no matter what time of day.

    1. Mustela PhysiObebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid largeMustela PhysiObebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid, $18:  Since you can’t submerge baby in a bath until their belly button heals, this is a great product for cleaning them off and keeping them smelling fresh.  We used this all the time with Baby J and have already used it a ton with Baby L.

    1. aden-anais-swaddles-graphic-smAden + Anais Swaddle Blankets, starting at $34.95 for a package of four:  I would be lost without these as they are basically used for EVERYTHING.  Not only are we swaddling in them, but we use them to cover L in the swing, car seat, or just to lay on the floor.  They double as a nursing cover among a million other uses.

    1. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover, $29.99:  It cooled off in Chicago last week and this is my go-to item for winter babies.  Going OVER the car seat, it does not obstruct the straps and keeps baby warm while making it easy to load them in and take them out.  If it gets REALLY cold, you can stick a blanket underneath to keep baby extra warm.  BONUS:  The flap covers baby on a cold or wet day so that they wont be exposed to the elements.

    1. Lansinoh-Lanolin1Lansinoh HPA Lanolin and Disposable Breastpads I’ve gone through more of these than anything else!  The Lanolin has helped TREMENDOUSLY with some of the initial pain and the breastpads have been keeping me dry during day and night.

    1. belly banditBelly Bandit, $49.95:  I didn’t know about this product when Baby J was born, I’ve just started wearing it, and will definitely keep you posted on the status of my tummy.   Looking forward to it hopefully helping me get back to my old self!

    1. Molly Ades PreggingsMolly Ades Preggings, $83:  I’ve been living in these pants.  They are leggings with a cover that looks like a skirt over the butt.  I love them because they aren’t baggy and shlumpy, but they cover me up and don’t make me feel exposed.  They are comfortable and forgiving and are not tight, but flattering at the same time.  I also wore these throughout my pregnancy so really, these pants have gone the distance!

    1. bravadotankBravado The Essential Nursing Tank, $49Next to #9, I have been wearing one of these EVERY DAY.  I LOVE the Bravado tanks and find them more comfortable than any other nursing tank.  The way that the straps are positioned are incredibly comfortable, and make nursing/pumping a cinch.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Lindsay as she chronicles her life with Baby Girl #2.