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12 Items Used Most During My First Two Months with Baby

By lindsay

By Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder + CEO, Bump Club and Beyond
Boon Grass and StemBoon Grass, $17.99
I feel like I am constantly cleaning bottles, bottle parts and pump parts.  This drying rack looks great on my counter and keeps us organized.  Add on a Stem and you have a great place to dry all of the tiny pieces that come with all of your feeding supplies.

JJ cole car seat coverJJ Cole Car Seat Cover, $29.99: It’s been COLD in Chicago, and this is my go-to item for winter babies.  Going OVER the car seat, it does not obstruct the straps and keeps baby warm while making it easy to load them in and take them out.  If it gets REALLY cold, you can stick a blanket underneath to keep baby extra warm.  BONUS:  The flap covers baby on a cold or wet day so that they wont be exposed to the elements.

PackIt-coolers-300x207PackIt, starting at $14.99
This foldable, freezable cooler is perfect for baby food, toddler food or in my case…BREASTMILK!  If I wanted to pack a bottle before heading out for the day, I loaded up my PackIt and put it into my diaper bag.  The PERFECT product for any new mom and it will certainly go the distance once you start packing lunches in a few years!

Skip Hop Activity GymSkip Hop Activity Gym, $75
I have always said that if there is one toy every new mom needs, it’s this one…and especially city moms with little storage space.  I am using the same play mat I used with my first daughter and honestly, right now it’s the only toy we need.  I can fold it up and store it, and unroll it when we’re ready to play.  I lay other toys and a mirror on the mat for tummy time, and hang the Skip Hop toys that go with the  mat from the bars for when she is laying on her back.

SwaddlemeSummer Infant SwaddleMe, $14.99
So many new moms say that they stop swaddling because baby doesn’t like it.  I thought so too when I brought my oldest home from the hospital—until I tried the SwaddleMe about six weeks in.  Once I did she was sleeping 6+ hours at a time (please note: I cannot guarantee this will happen to everyone who tries.)   Similarly with our new baby, she cries when I swaddle her, but soon settles and sleeps.  Babies LOVE to be swaddled and the SwaddleMe makes it easy to do so with its Velcro arms.  It’s easy to put on no matter what, and extra simple for the middle of the night diaper changes.

aden and anaisAden + Anais Burpy Bibs, $22 for a two-pack
I keep one of these handy for every time I feed.  This genius product can be used for a burp cloth over your shoulder, and also snapped on baby like a bib. If you have a spitter upper these can also save you multiple outfit changes (and laundry!) every day!

skip hop chelseaSkip Hop Chelsea Diaper Bag, $99
I could hardly believe that this brand new diaper bag is just that.  It looks like a bag I would carry in my “normal” life, not just with kids in tow.  With multiple pockets and places to store everything, its also easy to keep my baby and non-baby related items separate, making it necessary for only one bag.

itzy ritzyItzy Ritzy Wet Happens, $17.95
I haven’t left the house without this product in over three years.  I keep diapers, wipes, and a change of baby clothes in this lined bag in my diaper bag.  If ever I need to put something wet inside, this bag keeps it separate from everything else inside my diaper bag and purse.  Its machine washable and will come in handy during all seasons—especially summer!

BoppyBoppy Newborn Lounger, $31.99
A little bigger (and more comfy for baby) than the regular Boppy, this is a great place for baby to sit while you are hanging out together.  The cover zips off and washes easily—so you have nothing to worry about it there is any kind of accident.  I love keeping this in my bedroom since my swing is in the living room—that way I have a place in both rooms to set baby down if I need to be hands free (or use the bathroom!)

MDMomsMD Moms Baby Silk Gentle All Over Clean, $12
I’ve always been a fan of these wipes for both baby and mom.  These cleansing towelettes are the best for wiping down baby if you don’t have time for a bath. They smell great and are perfect to throw in your diaper bag and take on the go (plus they come in a travel size package too!)

como tomodr brownsMAMmixie

Bottles, prices vary
I introduced a bottle early and have been lucky enough that Baby L will drink from more than one bottle brand.  While we’ve tried out many of the brands (Como Tomo, MAMDr. Brown’s and Tommee Tippee), the Mixie Bottle is my favorite for on the go when I am using formula.  I pre-pack the bottles with the formula inside the closed capsule at the bottom of the bottle.  When I am ready to feed, I push the bottom button, and shake up the formula mixing it into the bottle.  There is no need for fumbling with the powder or water when I’m on the go anymore.  This bottle is seriously genius.

Boba Carrierbaby k tan reviewergo baby
I didn’t carry my first daughter that much, but have found that using a carrier with #2 is imperative.   It keeps her close and my hands are free to play with my toddler or even do work.  I’d recommend to anyone going to the store to try out the carriers to find what is best for you.  My favorites right now include the soft carriers (Boba Baby Wrap or Baby K’Tan) and a more traditional carrier like the Ergobaby, Beco Gemini or Lillebaby Complete, all of which can be used from birth with a proper insert and positioning.

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