Why Bump Club is Committed to FabFest 2014


By Lindsay Pinchuk, CEO + Founder, Bump Club and Beyond It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or not, we all have “stuff” in our lives which keep us busy day in and day out.  But since becoming a mom four years ago,  I often time that everyone and everything:  my kids, my husband, my family, work, etc. come before myself.  Often this includes putting my own health and wellness at the back of the line.  I find that I am so busy taking care of others, I often forget about me. Earlier this summer I had a wake up call.  Two people I have known for a very long time were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Both caught it early because of early detection methods.  This news hit me hard.  My mom and grandma have both had friends who have had various forms of cancer, but MY own peers?  I’m not even in my mid-thirties yet!  Both of these women were under 40; one has two small kids just like me. Coincidently, the same week I heard this news, my newsfeed on Facebook was blowing up with posts about FabFest—Bright Pink’s annual all-day event where hundreds of women come together for a day of fitness activities, wellness seminars, life-saving breast and ovarian health education and more.  The goal is to provide attendees with invaluable information to share and pass on to others. Bright Pink’s mission revolves around being proactive with your health and well being as it one day could save your life or that of someone you love.   I immediately signed up and dedicated Bump Club and Beyond to a FabFest Team

My goal and reason for doing this is simple: I want to bring awareness and education to our community which is made up of thousands and thousands moms and moms-to-be—-all of us women who could one day be affected by this terrible disease.  Please let our quest to FabFest serve as a reminder that it’s absolutely necessary to prioritize and be proactive about your own health.   While we want to  share this information with all women, our mission in participating in FabFest is to serve as a reminder for all moms and moms-to-be to carve out time to take care of yourself and not just those around you. Even if you can’t join us that day at FabFest on September 14th(and you still can if you want to!) we’ve made it so our community can come together to support Bright Pink in many small ways.  Collectively, I know that we can make a big impact.

Please take an hour this month and join us at one of our specially designed Beautiful Bellies and Beyond BCBenefit Workouts JUST for moms and moms-to-be.  100% of your registration donation will go to Bright Pink.  (We’ve also made it so that you can donate at the door from now on!)  If you can’t make it, but want to support this amazing cause, you can make a donation to our FebFest Team here. 

Saturday, September 6th  at lululemon Michigan Avenue, 8:45am:  PRE-NATAL workout

Sunday, September 7th at lululemon Southport, 9amSTROLLER CLASS for moms (bring your baby and your stroller!)

Sunday, September 7th at lululemon Rush Street, 9am:  PRE and POST NATAL strength and conditioning class (moms and moms-to-be)

Saturday, September 13th, at lululemon Bucktown, 8:30am: STROLLER BARRE CLASS     (Bring your stroller and your baby!  IF you are pregnant, JOIN US!  Kim will show you pre-natal modifications!) I’ve set our goal for $5,000.  Let’s show how important this cause is to all of us, and blow that number off the charts. See you in September!