Breastfeeding Support


National Breastfeeding Month may be over, but BCB is here all year long to support you for breastfeeding success!  We’ve worked with our friends at Munchkin LATCH to compile a list of resources both online and around the country.

ONLINE RESOURCES:  Check out the Munchkin LATCH resource page here, as well as these great options.

FIND A GOOD IBCLC!  Here are some of our local favorites across the country:

This special series for working moms was made possible by LATCH by Munchkin, which eases the transition from breast to bottle and back.  Breast is best, but working moms also will need a bottle so that their caregiver can feed their baby while they are gone.  LATCH’s accordion nipple stretches like the breast to help baby latch correctly.   


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