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Meet The BabyGuyNYC: 25 Fun Facts about Jamie Grayson

By lindsay

Jamie and Orbit
We’ve been touring the country with Jamie Grayson, The BabyGuyNYC for three years now.  To say we know a lot about him is an understatement.  As public as he is, there may be some things that you don’t know about Jamie Grayson.  Not only is he THE BEST Baby Gear Expert there is (he can rattle of stats and specs for nearly any car seat or stroller),  he is also an amazing guy and a good friend.  
Straight from his sister, Jennifer Buske, here are 25 (actually 28) Fun Facts about Jamie Grayson:

  1. Jamie learned to read at age three.
  2. Jamie is severely allergic to horses.
  3. Jamie has an extremely loud speaking voice that many will not hear on social media! (He doesn’t use a mic at Gearapalooza!)
  4. Jamie wanted to be an astronaut when he was little.
  5. Jamie has three sisters. The two youngest ones were born when we were in high school! Big age gap!
  6. Jamie was raised most of his life by a single mother.
  7. Jamie used to have bad asthma attacks as a child and I always thought he was just a great actor trying to skip school.
  8. Jamie’s favorite movie is ET (recognize her?)Jamie and ET Mom
  9. Jamie’s favorite book is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He has a copy that’s over 100 years old.
  10. Jamie’s favorite recreational activity is Netflix on the couch.
  11. Jamie’s head is 24 1/2 inches around and cannot wear hats. His mortarboard for high school graduation was the largest they made and he used a paper clip to hold it on.
  12. Jamie went to church with Bill Clinton while he was growing up.
  13. Jamie was in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.
  14. Jamie always carries his mophie charger, headphones, and Phase 10 card game with him. You never know when you’re gonna need to play cards.
  15. Jamie drinks coffee. Probably too much.
  16. Jamie wants a Golden Retriever.
  17. Jamie still has his old tap shoes and old makeup from CATS in his closet.
  18. Jamie smiles at people he passes.
  19. Jamie is a hugger.
  20. Jamie graduated college at Ole Miss.
  21. Jamie prepares the best dry rubbed prime rib you will ever eat.
  22. When Jamie burns cookies, he won’t admit it- just encourage you to eat them while they are hot (before they get cold and turn into a rock).
  23. Jamie used to have a nickname “mr know- it -all” and let’s just say I still think it’s totally appropriate 😉
  24. One time, Jamie’s travel luggage registered 7 lbs UNDER weight limit. He does not pack lightly and this was a big deal.
  25. Jamie does not own a car and never has.
  26. Jamie “go -to”meal is baked Ziti with hot Italian sausage.
  27. Jamie prefers IPA’s for beer and Pinoooooooot Nooooooir for wine.
  28. Jamie’s son is a doll named The Angry Baby.  He has over 9,000 followers on Instagram.

Angry Baby
If you want to meet The BabyGuyNYC yourself, join us at one of our twelve remaining tour stops for Bump Club and Beyond’s Gearapalooza 2015: The Ultimate Baby Gear and Registry Event presented by Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment.  Each event offers you the chance to meet some of the BEST baby brands in the industry, learn about their products, hear a 75+ minute presentation from The BabyGuyNYC himself about what you ACTUALLY need for baby, get answers to all of your questions, take home an amazing gift bag and the chance to win THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes! DON’T MISS IT!
The BabyGuyNYC will also be speaking at two seminars at The Best of Bump Club and Beyond in Chicago on May 30th. 

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