Wonder Woman Wednesday: This Superwoman Has Soul



By Samantha Lande, BCB Staff Writer

Welcome to Wonder Woman Wednesday, a weekly feature that will attempt to tackle the question we are frequently asked— “how do moms really do it all?” Each week we will feature an amazing mom with extraordinary abilities. From founders of some of the most successful companies to philanthropists who are changing the world, these women are true heroines. To thank them for lifting the cape on some of their super powers, we will make a donation to the charity of their choice.

NAME: Elizabeth Cutler

AGE: 45

KIDS: Nina, 13 and Lucy, 10

OCCUPATION Co-Founder and Co-CEO SoulCycle

LIVES IN: New York City

FAVORITE CHARITY: Global Health Corps

You may not recognize Elizabeth Cutler by name, but we are guessing you know her business SoulCycle by now. If you aren’t in the know, it’s a heart-thumping, sweat-inducing, high energy cycling workout that has built a cult following —including many celebs— over the years. It all started in NYC, made its way to the west coast, and a few weeks ago landed in Chicago. With 41 locations and counting, this 45-minute high intensity workout aims to challenge both mind and body all while blasting party music and bellowing out inspirational thoughts. Just thinking about a class may be exhausting, but this fitness empire was actually started by Cutler and her co-founder Julie Rice who are both moms in addition to entrepreneurs. The duo serves as co-CEOs of the business and have been sharing the SoulCycle mantra for an impressive nine years.

Fresh off their Chicago opening, Elizabeth shared with us—in her own words—how she channels her inner Wonder Woman on a daily basis.

Head Shot-Elizabeth-Soul Cycle

Tell us your backstory

I grew up in Lake Forest – with great parents who were individually self-starters in business, and an amazing brother. We all ended up in Colorado at different points and for different lengths. I met my husband in Telluride and moved to New York.  Best decision of all time. My husband is wonderful and so supportive of all we’ve done here at SoulCycle.  Been in NYC 15 years and it has been busy – 2 kids, 41 studios and counting!

What does a typical weekday look like for you?

 I wake up, get the girls ready for school. Head to an early SoulCycle class. Dress at the office. Meetings, brainstorms, site visits, meetings and more meetings. Home. Dinner with the family (not as much as I’d like – getting better – we work late!). Watch Foyle’s War on Netflix. Bed. Repeat.

What is your super power?

We started meditating after Russell Simmons came to the office. I used to meditate and its a great tool for the super busy world we all inhabit.

Whats in your power pack?

Elizabeth Power Pack

1. credit card  2. Warby Parker Sunglasses 3. A BIG Dennis Columb Scarf  4.iPhone 6+ 5. By Terry Lipgloss

Who is your Sidekick?

Julie Rice, obvi.  She’s the best.

Who is your Wonder Woman?

Any woman who will run for office.

Arch Nemesis?


Whats your biggest save the day moment?

My biggest accomplishment is yet to come!  People say I’m a risk taker. 

How do you protect (and give back to) your community?

We create intentional community on the hour at SoulCycle. We raise a ton of money for incredible philanthropic causes people in the community love. Last year we raised more than 2 million dollars.   We’re launching SoulScholarships this year to make the studios accessible to teens from underserved environments with rides and mentoring. Thrill of our lives to do this program – the SoulCommunity has so much to offer.

Which Superhero do you most identify with? I like Wonder Woman.


OBVI those bullet resistant cuffs – and badass can do attitude. She’s ridic.


PHOTO:  A studio class at Soul Cycle. Photo from Soul Cycle.

Bump Club and Beyond will make a donation to Global Health Corps in honor of Elizabeth Cutler.  If you think Elizabeth is as awesome as we do, please share this blog post as we will donate $.50 per share, up to $500 dollars!