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Five Years of Favorites: Lansinoh

By lindsay

We cannot say enough about Lansinoh’s Breastfeeding Start Set.  EVERY new mom needs this item when baby arrives and she’s trying to navigate breastfeeding.  This set includes some of the best (and our very favorite!) products for making breastfeeding as comfortable as possible—especially during those first few days and weeks.  Products included in this set (which are sure to become a staple in your diaper bag) are:

  • HPA Lanolin: 100% lanolin, this product will soothe nipple soreness.  It’s one of the safest and most effective products on the market.
  • Disposable Nursing Pads:  These are some of our faves—you never know when you may leak!
  • Thera°Pearl® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs: These packs can be used COLD to help with swelling and HOT to provide releif from clogged ducts.  This product is a serious lifesaver for all breastfeeding moms.
  • LatchAssist™ Nipple Everter: This tool helps moms who’s nipples lay flat from engorgement. This tool will gently draw out your nipple making the latch that much easier.

Every new mom needs to add this set to their registry.  FIVE of you will WIN one of your own with this week’s FIVE YEARS OF FAVORITES!  TO ENTER TO WIN ONE OF YOUR OWN, CLICK HERE. 
Join Bump Club and Beyond on May 30th in Chicago for our largest event of the year and have the chance to meet our friends from Lansinoh, sit in their breastfeeding lounge and try out all of their products.  For more information and tickets click here. 

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