Wonder Woman Wednesday: This Mom Has the Power of Perfect Picks


By Samantha Lande, BCB Staff Writer

Welcome to Wonder Woman Wednesday, a weekly feature that will attempt to tackle the question we are frequently asked— “how do moms really do it all?” Each week we will feature an amazing mom with extraordinary abilities. From founders of some of the most successful companies to philanthropists who are changing the world, these women are true heroines. To thank them for lifting the cape on some of their super powers, we will make a donation to the charity of their choice.  Slide1

NAME Rachel Blumenthal

AGE 35

KIDS : Griffin, age 4; Gemma, newborn

OCCUPATION: CEO and Founder of Cricket’s Circle



Rachel Blumenthal is on a mission to make shopping for baby less of a daunting process. Her website, Cricket’s Circle (named for the one woman — her cricket — who gave her the advice she actually needed to know when preparing for her first) curates everything from bathtubs to bibs, pacifiers to potty seats. For each category the site gives three top choices, stellar need-to-know tips and a seamless way to purchase or add those items to a registry. Rachel is a busy mama juggling her business, a toddler and a newborn baby. She tells us about her schedule, her supportive husband (co-founder of Warby Parker) and why she wants to be like Evie from Small Wonder.


What is your backstory?

I was a publicist out of school at Yves Saint Laurent. I was surrounded by so much creativity but my job itself wasn’t creative. I wanted a creative outlet so I went to the bead store on 6th Avenue in NYC and bought gold wire and semi-precious stones and made myself a ring with my dad’s dental tools. The editors I worked with at Lucky Magazine saw me wearing the ring and decided to feature me as an up-and-coming designer (I had the ring and a pair of earrings I made for the photo shoot). About a month later, Daily Candy featured the jewelry and overnight there was demand from customers, buyers and editors for a brand that didn’t really exist. I decided to take the risk, leave my job, set up shop in my living room and figure out to build and run a business. I figured if it didn’t work out, I’d go back to my job (which I loved) in 6 months. 6 months turned into 8 years, distribution in over 300 stores worldwide, an incredible team and the recognition by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things”. After 8 years I was approached to license the brand. I had reached a plateau in my learning curve and decided after much soul searching that I was ready to move onto the next big challenge.

Before licensing the brand, I had a baby. Navigating what I needed to buy for my baby was tremendously time consuming, overwhelming and confusing. I thought there had to be a better way. I was determined to simplify the lives for new and expectant moms and give them the confidence to make better (and easier) buying decisions.

Tell us about your typical weekday…

My husband (Neil) is incredible and wakes up with our son (Griffin) first thing. I wake up around 7am, hang out with Neil and Griffin until around 7:30am at which point I get ready quickly – it can’t take more than 15 minutes (showering before bed and dry shampoo are my greatest hacks). After I’m ready to go, I get Griffin dressed and teeth brushed while Neil makes him breakfast (eggs or french toast – we alternate). We’re out the door by 8:15am – Neil or our nanny takes Griffin to school and I squeeze in a quick workout 3 days a week. On workout days, I’m on a call or in a meeting by 9:30am – on non-workout days, those calls or meetings start at 8:30am. My day then consists of meetings, emails and working with my team. I often have work commitments at night or sometimes Neil and I have dinner plans with friends, but I try to make sure I am home at night at least part of the week to see Griffin before he goes to bed. One of those nights I’m home by 6pm so I can take him on a date. He decides what we’re going to do (adventure on the subway or the bus, art project, baking – anything he wants!). I’m then back on my computer by 9 or 10pm to finish going through the day’s emails and catching up on work. I’m in bed anywhere between 11:30pm-1am.

Tell us about a “save the day moment”

Every day feels like an accomplishment – some days are more successful than others but no day is easy.

Who is your Wonder Woman?

I have tremendous admiration for every working mom. Being a mom is hard enough – we put so much pressure on ourselves and continuously feel that we’re not doing enough or we’re not good enough. Balancing kids, work, friends and your personal life is not easy. We need to make a conscious effort to give ourselves a break and more credit.

Who is your Partner in Crime?

My husband will always be my partner in crime. He’s is my greatest supporter and cheerleader and we make a great team.

How do you protect your community?

I’m on the board of Baby Buggy, which provides new and gently used items to families in need. I am extremely proud of the work the team and our partners do.

What is your super power?

I’m a master multi-tasker and list maker.

If you could have a secret identity what would it be and what would you use it for?

Evie from Small Wonder so I would be able to freeze time.

What is in your Wonder Woman power pack? (Five things you don’t leave home without.)

iPhone and charger (for taking meeting notes and pictures of inspiring things – as well as keeping up on my email)

credit card

Tata Harper be adored tinted chapstick

Warby Parker sunglasses

snack pack of dried strawberries

 Bump Club and Beyond will be making a donation to Baby Buggy following this week’s Wonder Woman Wednesday.