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Summer Travel Tips

By lindsay

Travel Picture
By Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder, Bump Club and Beyond
Just this week we hosted our 5th Annual Planes, Trains and Automobiles Travel Event in Chicago.  Always a favorite among our moms and moms-to-be, we wanted to share some of the tips with you as you embark on your own summer travel adventures in the weeks to come!  Over the next few days we will will share tips on packing, navigating the airport, breastfeeding/feeding/pumping while traveling and more—all from our panel of moms who joined us this week.
First up, my top tips to consider when heading out this summer plus a few travel resources I can’t live without!
1. Roll with the punches.  As some of you who have been with us for awhile now may remember, when my oldest was five months old, or her reprise from when she was just over a year—you can’t always control what happens.  (But don’t forget to bring extra clothes for BOTH mom and baby! Take it from one who knows.)
2. TSA Guidelines: Know the rules before you go.  Print them out and bring them with you in case you get a not-so-nice TSA agent.
3.  Know the weight limits and restrictions before you go.  Here are the links to the rules and regulations for traveling with kids and babies on some of the bigger airlines.  Check them out before you fly (or before you book your ticket.)  In our experience alone we have found that Southwest is the most kid-friendly. (Just sayin’.)

4.  Sometimes traveling with kids is not necessarily a vacation (unless you have help), but often just a change of scenery.  Here are some adjustments that we have made to our travel logistics to accommodate our newest family member on trips and keep it enjoyable for us:

  • If you’re staying in a hotel and you can, get a suite.  Babies go to bed early and if you are all in the same room and don’t have a large bathroom or walk-in closet, you will be going to bed early too.  Don’t forget, all you have to do is ask when you check in.  What’s the worse they say, no?  You can also ask for a handicapped room and roll baby’s crib into the bathroom.
  • Rent a house, condo or apartment at your destination.  This will give everyone more room and privacy, and often can be a lot less than a hotel.  Check out sites such as AirBNB,  VRBO and Home Away.
  • I know a lot of us are sticklers to routine with baby…but make sure to enjoy vacation too.  Just know that if you get off schedule, you WILL be able to get back on once you are back home.  It just may take a little extra work and a few days.

5.  Most important—HAVE FUN!  While travel is a completely different experience once you bring a baby along for the ride, it is also a blast.
Safe travels!

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