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Travel Tips: Packing Guidelines

By lindsay

Travel Image-Packing

Check out these tips so that your first trip with your kids doesnt look like that of BCB Founder, Lindsay 🙂

By Lara Compton, BCBrand Ambassador

Everyone has their own “what to pack” list, so instead of sharing a checklist we wanted to instead provide some guidelines and tips to consider when packing for a family vacation.

  • Categorize things by the routines they accomplish (morning routine, bedtime routine, feeding, etc.) This way you won’t forget the wearable blanket or your baby’s favorite lovie that they NEED to go to sleep. 
  • Create a shareable list for your family.  This helps get your partner involved and allows you to revisit your list throughout the planning process.  Keep it for the next trip and modify accordingly.
  • Carseat, Stroller (under certain weight limit) and breast pump do not count toward your baggage limit; portable crib does (unless you get someone REALLY nice who will waive it through for free.  Remember, it always pays to smile!)
  • Think about any special events/weather conditions that will need to be considered when on vacation and make sure to add these to the list. (special outfits, gear, etc.)
  • Although liquids need to be in a quart size ziplock bag they never count how many bags!
  • You can never pack too many wipes (no matter what the age of the child.)
  • Regardless of age, keep diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and entertainment tools easily accessible (underneath the seat in front of you) for the duration of the flight.  There are many unpredictables when flying our friendly skies, so make sure you are prepared. 
  • TRAVELING WITH AN INFANT:  Have one bag dedicated to baby and if you can , share a bag with your partner.  For carry ons, have baby’s items in a separate bag OR a separate compartment so that things are organized and easy to find.
  • TRAVELING WITH A TODDLER or SMALL CHILD: Have them pack and carry their suitcase and own carry on (depending on their age they can also roll and carry it through the airport.)  The Skip Hop Zoopack is the perfect size for them to fill with toys—they can bring what they can carry! The Itzy Ritzy Adventure Happens Suitcase is also easy for a child to maneuver through the airport.

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