5 Years of Favorites: MD Moms




Founded by Dr. Diane Truong and Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD Moms has been one of our favorite brands since the start of Bump Club and Beyond.  These two women are not just board-certified pediatricians, but they are moms too.  The safety and well-being of the products they use on their own kids was the reason they started this company. Part of why we love MD MOms is because the ingredients are safe and effective for the most sensitive skin, but powerful enough to treat the most irritated skin conditions.  Simply put:  THESE PRODUCTS WORK.

While we adore these two MDs, its really the actual products that make this brand so incredible.  For starters, the products all smell amazing, but in a fresh and unobtrusive way.  Second, they have some of the most innovative products on the market.  Their Baby Sunscreen Wipes and Liquid Baby Powder are among our favorite products in the baby world (musts on everyone’s registry lists!)

So this week we want to thank MD Moms for their commitment to Bump Club and Beyond over the last five years!  Thank you for your support and for being along for the ride!   As we salute you, FIVE LUCKY WINNERS WILL TAKE HOME A BABY BASICS STARTER SET filled with some of our favorite MD Moms products!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN!