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BCB MomIRL: Bunmi Laditan aka The Honest Toddler

By lindsay

By Samantha Lande, BCB Editorial Director

Anyone who has a toddler can certainly tell you that with the territory comes moments of insanity. Bunmi Laditan, has tackled this insanity straight on, with her blog (and persona) the Honest Toddler . Her comedic approach to said craziness, and a satirical look at some of the most ridiculous tot related stories out there, has garnered her a huge following. Her latest book, Toddlers are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault, is full of LOL moments  around real toddler subjects like potty training and temper tantrums. She tells us about her road to becoming an author, admiration for Batman and why Barbie shoes are a choking hazard.

NAME: Bunmi Laditan

AGE: 31

KIDS & AGES Three kids- 2, 5.5 and 9

OCCUPATION: writer, social media consultant

WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Quebec, Canada


Tell us about your typical weekday in 5 sentences or less:

My typical weekday involves taking the kids to school, trying to keep my toddler from choking on Barbie shoes and writing. At around 5pm I half-ass dinner, let the kids watch cartoons while I recover from said meal, and then begin the bedtime routine.

What is your backstory? 

Hard work, a bit of luck. I grew up in the Bay Area, ended up in southern California, now I live outside of Montreal with my husband and kids.

Tell us about a “save the day moment”:

Selling my first book. It was a dream come true! I have a stack of rejection letters from agents and publishers (including HARPO).

Who is your Wonder Woman?

Writer and mother Toni Morrison. Her quote about writing in “the edges of the day” reminds me to fight for my dreams.

What is your super power?  

 I don’t. I do what I can while keeping my sanity intact.

If you could have a secret identity what would it be and what would you use it for?

Batman. I’d fight for justice.

What is your arch nemesis?  

Procrastination and being a recluse. I can be on when I’m doing a comedy bit in front of a a crowd of 600 but I feel most in my element at home.
What is in your Wonder Woman power pack? (Five things you don’t leave home without.)

MacBook Pro, iPhone, notebook, pens and a credit card.

Who is your Sidekick/Partner in Crime?

 My kids. They make me absolutely insane and inspire me at the same time. 

Which Superhero do you most identify with and why?

Batman. He used his greatest pain (losing his parents) to propel himself into a life of service. Great logo, too.

Who is your supporting cast of characters that helps you to achieve Wonder Woman status? 

Husband, friends, in-laws. I’m surrounded by supportive people.

How do you protect (and give back to) your community?

I volunteer at my kids’ school on parent’s night. It’s absolute madness and I need two advil by the end of it, but the children have a good time. I also invest in women entrepreneurs in developing nations through Kiva. Anyone can give out microloans that change women’s lives. It’s incredible.

To thank Bunmi for her time we will make a donation to Kiva.

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