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Crib Notes From a New Mom: Katie Blozis, Mom of Four

By lindsay

Bump Club and Beyond Twin Cities’ Founder, Katie Blozis, recently gave birth to her fourth baby girl!  While she is an old pro, she certainly has some favorites for baby.  Here are the top items that Katie has used during the first month home with baby Harleigh!

Fisher Price Rock N’ Play:   I love being able to move her when she is asleep. My one year old can’t be trusted around the baby yet, so she has to be in my sight at all times!

Orbit G3 Infant Car Seat: Having a car seat that can rotate is so nice with 4 kids. I can rotate it when the older kids need to get in and out of the car so they aren’t stuck crawling under it.

MAM Pacifier: While we have struggled to get Harleigh to take a paci, the luck we have had has been with the MAM. My older 3 all loved their MAM paci’s (my 1 year old still does!), and we hope that one day Harleigh will love it as much as they do! Fingers crossed!

Mustela PhysiObebe: While I’d love to say that my baby gets a bath every other day or so, the reality is that she doesn’t. With 4 kids 5 and under and a husband who travels a lot, we are more on a couple times a week schedule, unless otherwise necessary. 🙂 This no rinse soap is great for those in between times.

4moms Infant Tub: We love not having to worry about the water being the right temp and that the dirty water is constantly being replaced with clean water. This is especially helpful when you have a 3 year old who is “helping” by squirting soap in the water. 

Monica + Andy Organic Luxury Muslin Blanket:  We received this blanket as a gift (from someone really awesome :)) and LOVE it. It is the perfect size and and thickness!

Babyganics Hand Sanitizer: I have three big sisters who LOVE holding their little sister. Big sisters who carry many many germs. Giving them a pump of the hand sanitizer saves me a ton of time everyday as they know how to do it themselves and no longer require my prompting.

Boba Wrap Carrier:  This carrier is the only way I get anything done! This baby girl is not a huge fan of being put down, so she spends a majority of the day being worn.

Boppy Newborn Lounger: This is the perfect place for Harleigh to lay when her older sisters want to “lay with her.” It allows them to lay next to her on the floor but creates a good barrier so I don’t need to worry about them laying too close.

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