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The Big Reveal: Baby Logan Expected April 2016

By lindsay

BigReveal1Meet Ashley. She is pregnant with her first child and will be sharing her experiences on the BCBits Blog throughout her 40 weeks. Follow her as she chronicles the joyful, exhausting and sometimes gross parts of pregnancy. 
12 weeks 
Feeling: excited
Now that we have seen the doctor not once, but twice, and our first trimester is as good as over (see ya later!), it’s finally time for us to let the baby out of the carriage. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t kept our lips totally sealed about our pregnancy. Our family members and very close friends are already in the know—and we even messed that up, as shown in the picture above (we are absolutely due in April, not March). But there are so many people I am dying to tell—especially the ones who are thinking I lost my fun streak or am letting myself go.
I should also say that my husband, bless his heart, has not told a single soul. Every time I let it slip to someone else, he groans and says, “Why can’t you keep a secret?!” The truth is that I wanted to tell every single person I met that I was knocked up, so I thought I was doing a great job keeping it in. I did resort to telling our carpenter, AC guys and well, a few more, just because I couldn’t help myself and they were far enough away from the circle. Sorry, honey.
But even trying to hide it proved to be difficult. For example, I told my sisters the news in total secrecy and the next day when my grandmother picked up my 3-year-old niece from preschool, she said, “Grammy! Auntie Ash has a baby in her belly!” Cute story, but come on! Lesson? Everyone tells at least one person—even a 3-year-old you don’t think is listening.
Then, we were dining out with friends at the local watering hole, so I ever so secretively asked the bartender for one of her amazing Bloody Mary’s sans vodka. We squealed and then she subtly brought the drink to our table (without the signature pepperoni garnish, a super listeria-conscious move for which I was very grateful). But then they switched shifts. The new bartender rang up a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary and subtly displayed it as the first item on the bill—which she dropped on the table in front of our friends while congratulating us on our good news.
Secrets aren’t exactly my thing. But now that we are in the clear for spilling the beans, I find myself holding back from shouting it from the rooftops. There is no magical day that passes by when suddenly your pregnancy is safe. My body isn’t doing a very good job of hiding things, so we decide to go forward full-throttle with a cute graphic.
Dan and I are newlyweds. In fact, Baby is due less than a year after our our first anniversary. But we weren’t exactly rushing into things with our wedding. Dan and I have been really good friends since we first met in 1998 in high school. We dated on and off in our 20s until we finally got serious and made it official. Because of our history, most of our friends overlap so making this announcement was extra special to us both. How could we make it special?
We opted for a combination between love, sentiment and good ole’ fashion Chicago humor.
ashley announcement

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