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Five Years of Favorites: EZPZ

By lindsay

EZPZ Happy Mat and Bowl
By Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder + CEO, Bump Club and Beyond
It was as if Lindsey Laurain, Founder of EZPZ, read my mind when she invented the EZPZ Happy Mat. My daughter had just turned one and food was flying across our kitchen.  But then my friend Jamie Grayson, gave me the heads up on this amazing new product.  EZPZ is a silicone (read: easy to clean) mat that sticks, yes STICKS to the table.  For a mom of a plate/bowl thrower this product was a dream.  All of a sudden food in our kitchen was staying on the table…and not ending up on our floors, walls, and across the room.  After the Happy Mat came the Happy Bowl, Snack Mat and Play Mat…with much more to come in 2016.
As a mom and small business owner from Michigan, Lindsey and her team hold a special place in the hearts of the BCB Team.   Not only are their products amazing (which is why we are featuring them on Five Years of Favorites Friday), but we are also so proud of them for making it as far as they have in the QuickBooks Small Business Big Game Contest.  The winner will get their own Super Bowl commercial and EZPZ is in the top 10.  Take a minute to vote for them…their products are simply awesome.  Then CLICK HERE, because we are giving away FIVE Happy Mat/Happy Bowl Prize Packages this week as we celebrate our FAVORITE products and brands during Five Years of Favorites in 2015!

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