Wonder Woman Wednesday: This Mom is on the Job


Stacey Delo

By Samantha Lande, BCB Editorial Director

Welcome to Wonder Woman Wednesday, a weekly feature that will attempt to tackle the question we are frequently asked— “how do moms really do it all?” Each week we will feature an amazing mom with extraordinary abilities. From founders of some of the most successful companies to philanthropists who are changing the world, these women are true heroines. To thank them for lifting the cape on some of their super powers, we will make a donation to the charity of their choice. NAME: Stacey Delo

AGE: 41

KIDS: Rory (5) & Toby (3)

OCCUPATION: Founder of Maybrooks, a career resource for moms

WHERE DO YOU LIVE: San Francisco, CA

FAVORITE CHARITY: Help A Mother Out (HAMO), which provides diapers to families in need

Stacey Delo recognized an issue that many women have after having kids — how do I maintain a career but also have flexibility? To help solve that problem she created Maybrooks, (named for her grandmother May Brooks), that helps provide resources and tools for moms who want to stay in or reenter the work force. With  job listings, company profiles, and inspiring content, Stacey has made this a one-stop-shop for working moms. She tells us about her love (need) for coffee, why she’d like to be a live performer and why Elastigirl is awesome.

What is your backstory?

I majored in journalism and spent the bulk of my career working in business journalism for MarketWatch and WSJ. I was on the video team when online video was just growing up, and helped launch a live show on technology for WSJ. It was tons of fun. When I had my kids I realized I really wanted to start something that supported women in the workplace, particularly as it related to flexible schedules that would allow them to continue contributing at work and be the mom they wanted to be. I launched Maybrooks as a tool to help women navigate various work/life transitions and help companies understand the talent pool they could be reaching.

Tell us about your typical weekday:

I wish there were a typical day! Generally my 3-year-old and I walk my 5-year-old to kindergarten. Then we run back home and jump in the car to get him to preschool on time. I may try to squeeze in a workout before work. We’re building a database of companies that work for working parents so these days my time is spent there, growing our flexible job offerings and finding groups to partner with that align with our mission to be the best career resource for moms. Then there’s pickup, possibly a run to the park with both kids, home for dinner, and the crazy bedtime routine. Most of the day I have “The Circle of Life” humming in my head because my children are obsessed with the Lion King and we play the soundtrack in the car.

Who is your Wonder Woman ?

I admire my sister Carrice most. She is always grace under fire and able to step back and think. I’m a “quick start” and she’s the person who always helps me think things through with logic, a sense of calm, and usually some humor too!

What is your super power?  


If you could have a secret identity what would it be and what would you use it for?

Lately I’ve wanted to be some kind of live performer, either a singer or a talk show host, mainly to make people happy or make them laugh.

What is your arch nemesis?  

An empty coffee pot or coffee that isn’t hot.

What is in your Wonder Woman power pack?

Bobbi Brown Rose Petal lipstick, a Quest bar, my MotoX, a hair brush, breath mints.

Who is your Sidekick/Partner in Crime?

My husband Gabe who rearranges his schedule to make sure I can be places at night or early in the morning, who shores me up when I need it, and who is gratefully always happy to share a glass of Cava with me!

What would you consider your theme song?

“These Are Days” by Natalie Merchant

Which Superhero do you most identify with and why?

Elastigirl from “The Incredibles.” She’s a problem solver and her ability to stretch to take care of who or what needs help is a power I need regularly!

Who is your supporting cast of characters that helps you to achieve Wonder Woman status?

Sonali Perera (of Maybrooks), an incredibly talented group of friends and family across the globe, and my kids who keep me laughing all the time.

How do you protect (and give back to) your community?

I’m on the board of our preschool, which provides tuition assistance to 20% of the children. For me, early childhood education is everything when it comes to developing children and ultimately strong communities.