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Great DIY Halloween Costumes

By lindsay

Halloween is right around the corner which you likely know from your kid begging you to wear their costume Every. Single. Day. If you want to try something different this year, these moms and dads have come up with some uniquely creative family costumes that will wow other trick or treaters. You can check them out here on WGN and read more about how to replicate these costumes below!
Indiana Jones
Johnny, Candace and Henry (6 months) (follow then on Instagram @cancorner for tons of Halloween costume fun!)
Costume:  Our family costume today is Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones (Johnny), Willie Scott (Candace) and Short Round (Henry), but we’ve planned a full month of fun costumes for Henry this month to celebrate Halloween.
Inspiration for your costume idea: Henry’s middle name is actually Indiana, so the costume idea was sort of a no-brainer. Indiana is his dad’s home state, and we really wanted a name that evoked all the adventure and excitement we hope he’ll grow up to experience. We really couldn’t wait for his first costume!
How-to:  We try to get creative with what we have, so it’s a mix of stuff from our closets, a few thrift store finds and a lot of felt, fabric and trim from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
Scuba Divin
Mindy and Margot (2.5 years old)
Costume: Mom: coral reef, Margot: scuba diver
Inspiration for your costume idea: I saw a scuba diver costume online and thought it was adorable and fairly easy to make.  Then I just tried to think of things that I could make that would pair with it, hence the coral reef.  My husband is going to be a shark.
How-to: Almost everything for the costumes I already had in the house.  It was cheap, but it did take time.  All the costumes started with a base of normal clothes, and I just added the details onto it.  I ended up using felt for some things (like the flippers) and buying things I could reuse (like the mask).  The crocheting definitely took the most time.  I had a family member help.  But I hope to make the coral reef into a display for her room!
101 Dalmatians
Stefanie  and  Ariellle, (1 year)
Costumes: Dalmatian (Arielle), Mom, Cruella DeVille
Inspiration: It started with deciding for her birthday party to get her a birthday tutu. Once I found a dalmatian tutu, I decided to combine her birthday and Halloween costume. I made the rest of her costume and put together my own “matching” costume of Cruella DeVille!
How-to: The tutu and headband are courtesy of another Mom shop on Etsy called Handpicked, Handmade. The dalmatian onesie was created by sewing black pom poms and fur fabric all from Michael’s. The Paws were made by using adult socks, black pom poms and sewing fur around the edges to look like a paw. Mom also made the tail with the fur and pom poms. Mom created the collar by using fabric from Michael’s.
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Lisa and Amelia (2.5 years old)
Costume: Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kitty Cat
Inspiration: My daughter loves the characters from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! So when I happened upon the lovely Katerina Kittycat inspired dress on Etsy, I knew who we should be for Halloween!
How-to:  Daniel Tiger was pretty easy to put together for me. I just used what I had at home, and bought some tiger ears at the store. For Amelia’s costume, I repurposed some Hello Kitty ears we already had and hand made a bow to match her dress so they would become Katerina ears!
Garbage Man
 Cory,  Hank (2.5) and George (10 mo.)
Costume: Hank – Garbage truck/man  George: Dumpster
Inspiration: Hank really enjoys garbage trucks so I found a template online on how to make a garbage truck costume.  I wanted something to keep the theme up with George and thought a dumpster would be cute.
How-to: Garbage Truck: Moving boxes, duct tape, paper tape (over duct tape it did not spray paint well, officedepot.com), hot glue, spray paint (rustoleum 2x–2 cans of green, 1 can of black, 1 can of white, 1 can of silver), 6 foam wheels, prescription tops for hubcaps, 1 black poster-board for windows, straws for wipers, printed off logos, grill, headlights and license plate online, red/white and yellow/black tape from Lowes (cut down), reflectors from Lowes, suspenders.  Dumpster: Cardboard boxes, hot glue, duct tape, paper tape, spray paint (2 cans of blue, rest of the black can from garbage truck)
Brittany and Natalia  (18 months)

Costume: Scarecrows and Pumpkin
Inspiration: The idea to create this costume was based on my daughter’s huge personality. Her ability to make me smile at some of the simple things moves me to create something fantastic and special for her. Taking the basic idea of a pumpkin and spicing it up, I knew it would be the perfect costume. 
How-to: I used burlap, fleece, pillow stuffing and elastic to make the shirt. For the shoes I used Burlap, suede and Sherpa. Finally her hat is made of fleece, burlap, ribbon and felt. Materials were straps left from previous projects, Jo-Ann fabrics and Michaels.

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