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Crib Notes from a New Mom: Nicole Locke Dishes on the First Six Months

By lindsay

Nikki Crib Notes Image
BCB Austin Founder, Nicole Locke, had her second baby earlier this year.  He’s now over six months and Nicole is sharing her must-haves for those first months. Make sure to read to the bottom for a HUGE GIVEAWAY!
By Nicole Locke, BCB Austin Founder

1. BabyBjorn Travel Crib – We’ve been on the go a lot this Summer/Fall and this travel crib is my go-to as it pops up and is ONLY 11 pounds!

2. Bumbo Seat – We’re still a little ways from being able to sit up alone so the bumbo has been great practice for my little one to hold up his large(!) noggin and strengthen his core. 

3. Skip Hop Tuck-Away Bibs – We’re just starting solids so it’s MESSY over in these parts. Love these nylon bibs that are easy to clean and fold up in a tiny pouch to toss in the diaper bag when dirty.

4. Joovy TooFold – This stroller has become our go-to for travel. While it’s not the smallest option because of the rear tires, it folds up pretty compactly, has a great ride/push AND has a built-in ride on board for big sis {must have!}.   

5. Embe Swaddles – We are swaddlers!  I swear it’s the reason both of my kiddos started sleeping through the night relatively early.  This brand new Embe swaddle is a new favorite as it stays put all night!  Huge fan.

6. Little Giraffe Blanky Both of my kiddos love their blankies and these may be the softest ones ever made.  Love the tiny size which is great for both travel and safe sleep {tip: sleep with it overnight before giving to baby to help them catch some zzzs}!

7. Land of Nod Be on the Sea Activity Floor Mat – This play mat is my favorite for tummy time as the design is super cute and has hidden treasures for baby.

8. Kiinde – Kiinde just makes the whole breastfeeding/pumping situation easier.  Love that you pump right into the storage bags and then can pop on a nipple for an instant bottle.

9. Skip Hop Pronto – The must have product that I’ve used since birth with both kids. Makes any bag a diaper bag and covers up the gross diaper changing stations when we’re out.

10. WaterWipes – Love these wipes for baby’s sensitive skin that are made of water and completely chemical free.  Great for diaper changes, goobers, spit up and mama spills!

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR MUST-HAVES FROM BABY’S FIRST SIX MONTHS?  WE WANT TO KNOW.  TELL US BELOW.  ENTER TO WIN A PRIZE PACKAGE FILLED WITH SOME OF NICOLE’S FAVORITES HERE, including a Babybjorn Travel Crib Light, Land of Nod Be on the Sea Activity Floor Mat, Skip Hop Pronto and Tuck Away Bib, Embe Swaddles, Little Giraffe Blankies and a Kiinde Starter Kit. 


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