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Welcome to the Second Trimester

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Ashley Logan, BCB Blogger
ashley 18 wks
18 Weeks. Feeling: All sorts of things!
The second trimester is amazing. The surreal feelings of did that really happen? have dissipated and I finally feel like I am really pregnant. My husband and I are so beyond excited for what the next few months hold, not to mention completely intoxicated by the little glowworm.
Our 20-week appointment is coming up fast, and seeing our little one again is top of mind. We are praying that he or she is healthy and we can’t wait to get a profile glimpse to find out which of our noses baby inherited. The weeks are passing by very quickly and we feel truly blessed to have gotten this far. LIke I said, the second trimester has been pretty amazing. But it’s also where things have gotten a little bit, well, weird.
To start, I’ve learned that there is a lot of pressure around being pregnant. Everyone has their own opinions, which is not unusual. But the more visible my bump becomes, the more stories, thoughts and advice I hear. As a result, I am learning very early, that we need to be strong when it comes to making the right decisions for our family.
And then, there are all of the rules and dietary restrictions. So much to remember! And I have a confession. Shhh. The baby can hear me now, so listen close.
Throughout the duration of our relationship, my husband and I have had a love affair with our old neighborhood sandwich shop on Grand Ave in Chicago, Bari Subs. This place is just incredible. We always order one Italian and one meatball sub and go splitsies on each. Since getting pregnant, I’ve been confined to just the meatball subs because doctors recommend not eating deli meat due to the risk of listeria.
And it’s amazing how fast I’ve grown tired of meatball subs.
Last week, like a good wife, I stopped at Bari on the way home from downtown, and picked up a surprise 12-inch Italian for my husband. But sitting on the Stevenson Expressway in Friday afternoon rush hour, I couldn’t help but be tempted by the scent of fresh salami. After an hour of gridlock, my hunger became overwhelming, and I ate half of that Italian sub.
While I’m not going to make a habit out of it, I have to say that at the time it was worth it.
And then there are the body changes. It’s all fairly subtle, expect for one, super embarrassing ailment. My hormones have produced quite the outbreak—well, the breakout actually—on my back. Don’t get me wrong, I am so, so grateful that it isn’t on my face (and that’s it’s fall), but combined with the changing physical body, it isn’t doing much for my confidence. The good news it that I found an amazing wash that is doing wonders so far. But if anyone has been in my shoes before, I am open to tips, tricks and product suggestions.
All in all, I am still feeling pretty good. I am more tired at the end of the day then I was during the first trimester, but ultimately, it’s my body telling me to slow the heck down. And with all of the daydreams about Baby, lightening up my routine and getting a little extra sleep to help this baby cook makes it all worthwhile.
Ashley wants to know from you what is the weirdest pregnancy advice you’ve ever received?

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