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BCB MomIRL: Trish Moreno

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Samantha Lande, BCB Editorial Director

NAME: Trish Moreno

AGE: 50+

KIDS : One daughter, Ruby, who is 18 and has just gone off to college. (WHAT?!)

OCCUPATION: CEO/President/Creative Director, Little Giraffe

LIVE: West Hollywood, CA

FAVORITE CHARITY: CHOC Children’s Hospital

Chances are you have seen (or own) a Little Giraffe blanket, some of the softest most luxurious blankets on the market. The brand is known for its super soft materials and signature satin trim that make their way onto blankets of all sizes. Trish Moreno, the mom behind the brand has had a long history in fashion – she ran bebe years ago – but has really found a great personal connection to Little Giraffe and the people she works with. She has created a brand that goes beyond blankets and has become a popular go-to gift for babies around the world. She tells us about her little buddy and superhero, Rocket, and why being the calm in the eye of the storm has helped her.

What is your backstory?

I ran bebe for 11 years during the lion’s share of their growth from 3–85 stores and grew the brand to $100 million in revenue. That was an incredible platform for leadership, creative direction, brand expansion, and personal growth. After that I had a baby and started my own consulting business, which was very successful until the recession hit in 2008. That is what prompted me to find Little Giraffe, and I am so grateful to have made such a strong connection with the Little Giraffe family of brands.

Tell us about a “save the day moment”:

Little Giraffe is an amazing success story. We have worked hard from day one to merchandise, invent, and connect the line to our loyal customers. We have created a lifestyle brand for babies that is coveted and loved by many tastemakers, influencers, celebrities, and real families that have wonderful stories to tell about their relationship with our products. Revenue has been steadily increasing year over year, and we have developed multiple product extensions, increased internal resources, and opened new channels of distribution. We recently launched a mid-tier diffusion brand called LOVE by Little Giraffe  that offers luxuriously soft fabrics at friendly prices so more families can make a connection with the brand.

Who is your Wonder Woman?  

Right now it’s one of the moms in the Little Giraffe family who is dealing with her 7 year old son being diagnosed with Stage IV Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is being treated in Boston, so she is flying back and forth between California and Boston, managing her family in two states, and handling it all with such amazing grace. We are all pulling for our little buddy, Rocket. He’s our superhero! (see photo above!!)

If you could have a secret identity what would it be and what would you use it for?

At this moment I would really like to have magical healing powers that would help our little friend Rocket get through this challenging time in his life.

Who is your Sidekick/Partner in Crime?

I have so many that I couldn’t do without! My team is the best. They are a crack team of super-focused, engaged, and hyper-productive individuals that all enhance each other. And my daughter and sister are a great source of support when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

What is your super power?

I am the calm in the storm. Inside I may be churning but for the most part I am zenned out on the outside!

What would you consider your theme song?

It’s not like I walk around with this playing in the background of my life or anything, but I do find that Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield really resonates.

Which Superhero do you most identify with and why?

I have a tendency to go into superhero mode like the mom in the Incredibles when faced with adversity, and save the ones I love from all kinds of peril!

How do you protect (and give back to) your community?

 We support several charities. We recently walked for #teamrocket through the Lymphoma Society, and raised over $45K for kids who don’t have access to treatment. We also donate blankets to several organizations that support moms and babies in need.

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