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Great to be a Kid

By Lindsey Goins


AJ’s Toy Boarders, AJ’s Toy Boarders, $5.95
A toy soldier’s upgrade! These toy boarders aren’t holding any guns or rifles, they’re snow boarding or skate boarding !

Code Master™, Think Fun, $19.99
Learn coding basics without a computer in this fun solo game for ages 8+ that teaches basic programming, reasoning, and problem solving skills.

McKeyla McAlister Doll with Lava Light Experiment, Project Mc2, $24.99
Perform a real science experiment and create your own lava lamp using household ingredients! Comes with a McKeyla doll one of the Project Mc2 team members, which are a group of cool girls that love science!

Laser Maze Jr., Think Fun, $29.99
Use mirrors, beam splitters, and science to direct a laser though a maze to hit the target! This award winning game teaches STEM skills and is designed for solo play. Ages 8+.

Snowkissed Dolls, Bratz, $32.99
Bratz love the wintery slopes! This sled lover doll comes with two outfits, stickers to decorate her sled, and accessories.

Wonder Book T-Shirt, Litographs, $34.00
For your young book lover! This cool t-shirt has the text of a book printed right on it. Look closely to read the book or step back for a cool design.

Portable Table Tennis Set, Uncommon Goods, $39.95
Settle any argument over a fun game of table tennis with this set. Comes with a net, two paddles, a ball, and hours of fun!

NHL® Indoor Sport 2-in-1 Set, Franklin, $39.99
Play hockey year round with this indoor and outdoor set that allows you to play knee hockey inside or street hockey. Set includes two nets, two mini hockey sticks, two adjustable hockey sticks, a small foam hockey ball, and an official size street hockey ball.

Make Your Own Dream Catcher, Seedling, $39.99
Decorate your own Dream Catcher with this DIY kit that comes with feathers, pom poms, beads, and ribbon. Hang it on your bedpost or a special place in your room.

Ultimate Lab Kit, Project Mc2, $43.99
Conduct experiments just like the girls from Project Mc2! Kit includes a real working microscope, safety goggles, test tubes, and much for hours of scientific discovery.

Create-It-Yourself Fashion Doll Set, Bratz, $44.99
This toy set will allow a future fashionista to creatively design clothes for the Bratz doll using stencils, paint, stickers, rhinestones, and more!

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