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The 20 Week Appointment

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Ashley Logan
21 Weeks
Feeling: Thankful
As my husband and I geared up for our 20-week appointment, we were filled with nervous excitement. As I mentioned last post, everything leading up to this pivotal appointment feels surreal. We were halfway through our pregnancy and aside from my changing figure, had few insights into the health and development of our little one. This appointment was going to answer a lot of questions that had been looming in the back of my mind.
Instead of meeting with our regular doctor, we were scheduled to meet with an ultrasound technician at Hinsdale Hospital, where we will be delivering. We found our way to the right floor, and when our name was called, we were like kids on Christmas following our ultrasound technician, Nancy, back to the room for our appointment.
Just like in the movies, she squirted my tummy with jelly, then moved a little wand all over my now bulging belly. Within seconds, our baby popped up on the big screen. Of course, I was instantly weepy seeing the figure of our son or daughter (caught my husband with damp eyes too). We listened closely as she explained the image on the screen and with her magic wand, she investigated every part of the little nugget, from its little brain, kidneys, heart, ribs, vertebrae, stomach and tiny toes.
Since we weren’t going to find out the baby’s gender in that moment, she asked us to turn our heads when she got to the private parts. Good ole’ Nanc said she was sure about her findings and that we could open our eyes again. We were pretty much bursting at this point.
She said that everything was in order and accounted for—so it was time for the doctor to come in and double check. He was friendly and outgoing, and repeated the same process as Nancy. After a few minutes, he said we couldn’t have asked for a better report. We breathed a huge sigh of relief and got to enjoy a few more moments seeing our baby from a whole new perspective.
And, Baby Logan was super cooperative (must take after his or her Daddy) and posed for pictures.
My favorite is the profile shot where you can see its little nose, mouth and chin. We got to see its little footprints, and one shot where Baby is looking right at us.
Wait, what about the gender? So, in total Jr. High dating style, I handed the nurse an envelope with a card in it that said: Baby Logan is a…and the option to check boy or girl. She happily obliged and handed us back the sealed envelope, which we promptly dropped into the UPS overnight mail. On the receiving end of the UPS is a friend of mine, owner of Chicago-based Heirloom Events, who will so graciously be compiling a package for us to open on Christmas morning. We have no idea what will be in the package, only that it will let us know if it’s a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl.
While I wasn’t totally on board with finding out the gender in the first place, this was a solution that allowed us to start our own family tradition on Christmas morning. The bonus is that we were able to really soak in the good news that Baby was developing on track, and then we get the total excitement of an additional surprise on Christmas. Our little family is growing and we were feeling nothing but thankful. While I know that we still have a long road ahead in the pregnancy, and with raising a child, this felt like a huge milestone.
Now it’s time to get ready for what’s next…

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