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The Baby Registry

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Ashley Logan, BCBlogger
22 Weeks
Feeling: Like my ribs are going to break.

imageAfter the 20 week appointment, it was time for us to start preparing for the fact that in just a few more months, we were going to have a little one. In other words? Sh*t just got real and we needed to get our baby registry situated. With the holidays fast approaching, we had almost no few weekends to get our wish list in order. I made an appointment at Buy Buy Baby so my husband and I could get started with the big ticket items, like the stroller and car seat.

First of all, Buy Buy Baby is like the mecca of baby gear, so I was very relieved that I had learned so much about what was on the market at Gearapalooza. We only had two hours to kill, which for this store was like nothing, so headed straight for strollers and travel systems. The super-perky clerk was high-fiving the experts in each department and laughing at all of our lame jokes, so we were in pretty good spirits.
The stroller guy walked us through the pros and cons of the different brands in great detail. We had to weigh if it made sense to go with a system like the Uppababy Vista, where we could potentially add on another kid down the line, or something sleep like the Orbit. Despite most people telling me I would never use it, I wanted a stroller that came with a bassinet, which helped us narrow things down.
Ultimately, we decided on Peg Perego for both the stroller and the car seat. Both of my sisters and my sister in law used the Peg Perego car seat, so all the grandparents already have the base. Easy transition. Plus, I’m obsessed with the Book Pop Up stroller. We rolled out of there feeling only slightly overwhelmed.
But we still had a lot of work to do. Because my husband’s interest in breast pumps only extends so far, I enlisted the help of my two sisters, Sam and Lindsay, both who have one daughter each, to tackle the rest of the store.
The beauty of parenthood is how unique it is for every family. My sisters are both incredible mothers, but they could not be more different, so upon entering the store, I knew I was going to get a super well-rounded perspective—which is exactly what I needed. The three of us started in sleepwear. From onesies to sleepsacks, we discussed the importance of side snaps and hand covers, and having a variety of sizes at the ready for blowouts and other mishaps. We gradually made our way through the entire store, where I got the skinny on different products and other “must haves,” that according to their expertise, I could really do without.
Registering is hard work! Since we are having four different showers (OMG, I know!), I had to make sure that I hit a variety of price points, but also included a broad selection of items. But as we were getting deeper into the store, my ribs on my right side started to burn, which quickly shifted to my back. I asked my sisters to cover my while I did a yoga roll on the floor in the bottle aisle. Whatever. Pregnancy hurts a little bit and you do what you have to do. Exhausted, we collapsed into the gliders and took a break. We’d already come so far, so decided to refine the selection online and call it a day.
Despite the burning ribs, registering for a baby is so much more fun than putting together a wedding registry! While I am still refining the selection, we feel pretty good about our start.
Sam’s Must Haves – Mom to Lily, 3
Blog Image 1 rev

  1. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
  2. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs
  3. Mustela PhysiObebe No-Rinse Cleanser Bonus? It comes in a gift pack, shown here.

Lindsay’s Must Haves – Mom to Kyla, 18 months
Blog Image 2

  1. Halo Sleep Sacks (Hands in or Out)
  2. Puj Tub
  3. Bottle/Paci/Pump Parts Steamer

And because I always play favorites, here are the items that I am most excited about.
Blog Image 3

  1. Halo Bassinest. After being introduced to this puppy at Gearapalooza, I knew I had to have it. 
  2. Hands-Free Pumping Bra As an almost 33-year-old first time mom, I’ve picked up a few tricks from my friends along the way. I will never forget watching one of my dear friends put her three children to bed—all of whom were under 3-years-old. Through bathtime and reading, she had a hands free pump bra strapped on like Superwoman, so she could pump and take care of her mommy duties. I also want to be Superwoman. 
  3. Magic Baby Bullet. One of the nicest things my husband does for me is use our Magic Bullet we received as a wedding to make me a nutritious shake every morning. With the Magic Baby Bullet, he will be able to apply his same tricks to creating food for our wee one. Couldn’t be more excited to see him in action as a dad, so this one is high on the list.
  4. Peg Perego Book Pop Up Stroller and Viaggio 35 Infant Seat


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