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Boy or Girl? Let's Have Some Fun Guessing

By Lindsay Pinchuk

ashley wives tale
By Ashley Logan
Week: 25
Feeling: Lots of little kicks!
We are just about to wrap up the second trimester, and I have to say that pregnancy is getting really fun. The constant worry has subsided because now I get to feel Baby moving around, offering me assurance that he or she is doing just fine. My energy is good, my maternity wardrobe is in full swing and the holidays are rapidly approaching.
The one thing that still remains a mystery for us is the gender of this little nugget. As I have mentioned before, my husband and I didn’t quite see eye to eye on finding out the gender. I was less inclined to find out, while he was pretty dead set on getting the scoop. Ultimately, we decided to compromise with a Christmas morning surprise.
What is so fun about waiting an extra couple weeks is that we get to pontificate over what kind we have cooking! So we decided to try out 12 of the most common Old Wives Tales about predicting the gender to see which ones held any water.
Here’s what those old bitties had to say:
Carrying High or Low: They say that where the baby sits on your belly is an indication of gender. Supposedly, boys sit low and girls sit high. Because I have a short torso (I’m basically a walking head), it’s a little hard to tell. But I’m going with low.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy.
 Baby’s Heart Rate: My doctor says that it holds no water, but many believe that the speed of the heart rate could be an indication of gender. Allegedly, if the heart rate is above 140 beats per minute it is a girl. For us? Baby has been right around 144 for every appointment.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Girl
Hair Condition: They say that the hair on your head is an indication of one gender or the other. Allegedly, if your hair looks voluminous and shiny, that means you’re carrying a boy. Conversely, hair that loses its lustre could mean girl. We are blessed in my family with great hair and it’s only gotten fuller and more manageable during pregnancy, so if we follow this one all signs point to boy.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy
Pee Color: Yes, this is a gross one and I didn’t even know it was a thing. Allegedly, if your pee pee is bright or neon, it means a baby boy. If your urine runs clear or is more dull, it could mean a precious baby girl. Well, I have been peeing the color of yellow gatorade for over six months now, despite drinking like 120 oz of water a day, so….
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy
Cravings: Apparently there is some link between the type of food one craves during pregnancy. Girls are sugar and spice and all things nice, and boys demand salty snacks and protein. It’s not that I have turned down the sweets while pregnant, but I am craving meats and cheese more than anything. Steaks, steaks and more steaks, please!
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy
Breakouts: Allegedly, little girls will steal your beauty and cause acne breakouts. My only pregnancy gripe that I’ve had so far is a pretty heinous breakout centralized on my back. It started at the beginning of my 2nd trimester and it has not let up. I’m grateful that it’s winter and that it’s not on my face, but it’s been a nuisance. The skin on my face on the other hand, looks pretty darn good. But given the magnitude of the bacne, I’m giving this one to the girls.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Girl
Daddy Weight Gain: One old wives tale involves the daddy to be. If Dad gains weight right along with mom, that is an indication of the stork delivering a baby girl, whereas if the dad’s weight stays the same, it means boy. My husband has taken it upon himself to use this baby preparation time to get really in shape. So not only has he not gained a pound, he is dropping them.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy
Wedding Ring Test: I was excited to give this one a try. They say if you take your wedding band off, tie a string around it and dangle it over your belly, the direction the ring swings will predict if you’re having a boy or a girl. Circular motions mean girl, while back and forth motions mean boy. We tried this more than once and each time the ring spun counterclockwise over my belly.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Girl
Morning Sickness: One of the most common gender indicators of old is how the mom feels in those early months. If she is nauseated and having endless morning sickness, that means girl. Smooth sailing through that first trimester means boy. I was lucky and felt great throughout the first trimester (I know, don’t hate me!).
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy
Chinese Chart: The one gender predictor that my sister-in-law swears by is the Chinese Gender Chart. You enter in the mother’s birthday, plus the baby’s due date and by analyzing your lunar age, it will spit out a boy or a girl. Supposedly it is right 90% of the time (give it a try here, moms).
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Girl
Mood Swings: This one is a little bit annoying because it creates gender stereotypes before the baby even arrives. But if the Old Wives had their way, expectant mothers who are emotional and moody will bring home a girl. Lucky for my husband, I’ve been pretty even keel, so you know what that means.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Boy
Sex Dreams: No, not those kind of sex dreams, you pervs! Allegedly, if you dream about one gender or the other that means that you are having the opposite. I started off dreaming of boys from the beginning, but recently have had a girl or two pop into the mix. The results of this are inconclusive, but given the number of boy dreams, I’m going to give this one to the girls.
The Old Wives Tale says: Baby Girl
So there you have it. According to the Old Wives Tales, the odds are 58% that we will bring home a Baby Boy in April. If you have any other surefire ways to predict a baby’s gender, we’d love to give them a try. Otherwise, we will let you know the official answer next week!

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