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It's a….

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Ashley Logan
Week: 26
Feeling: Surprise!
Christmas morning was one that we will never forget. Because I was on the fence about finding out the gender of our baby due in early April, my husband and I decided to compromise by learning the gender in a super special way, in the comfort of our home on Christmas morning.

And we are so glad that we did.
But the project required some careful planning and preparation. Since it was just going to be the two of us opening the package, we knew we wanted something more sentimental than balloons or a pink or blue filled cake to tell us the gender of our first born. But we didn’t know where to begin, so I decided to enlist the help of a friend of mine, wedding and event planner extraordinaire Abby Giffin of Heirloom Events. She was just far enough removed from our daily lives that she would have no problem keeping a secret, but her careful attention to detail was going to make the big reveal something to remember.
When I told her our plan, she enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to get involved. This was a first for her, but as an acclaimed event planner, she decided to lead us through the same process she uses when interviewing couples to learn about how they want their wedding. We invited her over for dinner and she asked us questions about our values, family traditions and our relationship. We said goodbye that night knowing that we were in great hands.
Because of Abby’s careful attention to detail and kind disposition, we trusted her completely but truly had no idea what she was going to plan. All we knew was that she received the envelope we sent with the envelop disclosing the gender of our baby and that she would drop off a box for us shortly before Christmas.
Like clockwork, Abby arrived on December 23rd with a beautiful large white box, delicately wrapped with a white baby blanket, satin bow and a teal ornament that said, “Dream big little one.” We set it by the Christmas tree with the vast array of presents for our nieces and family members, and there it sat for two days, taunting us.
Then, just like that, Christmas morning came. We didn’t sprint down the stairs like children, but rather took our time. We made coffee, got cleaned up and settled in the family room by the tree.
We took a moment to ourselves and a deep breath and started to slowly peel back the paper. Inside the box was a beautiful wooden box tied with a bow.
Slowly we untied the bow and lifted the lid. The first thing we saw was a hand painted sign with the Bible verse, “Love is patient, love is kind,” framed in gold. The verse was perfect because it reminded us that whatever lay inside was going to fill us with more love than we could ever imagine. It was a beautiful touch that gave us that little extra push to open the rest.
We lifted it out of the box and lifted the edges of a baby blanket below, first one corner, then the next.
Here is what happened next…

It’s a girl!!! We were absolutely floored when we saw the sweet wooden blocks spelling out, “Baby Girl Logan.” I couldn’t stop giggling, my husband’s jaw hit the floor, as he said that he knew it the whole time. The truth was that we both were thinking that we would break the all girl streak among our siblings, but were overjoyed that it wasn’t the case.
The best part was that we could retie the bow around the wooden box and bring it with us to all of our stops on Christmas, so that our family members could experience the same joy and surprise we did upon opening the box. It was an absolutely unforgettable moment for our little family.
Photo Credit: Forever Incredible Photography 

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