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BCB's 5th Annual NEW YEAR, NEW GEAR 2016

By Lindsay Pinchuk

By Lindsay Pinchuk, CEO + Founder, Bump Club and Beyond
BCB’s 5th Annual NEW YEAR, NEW GEAR IS HERE!  Each year as the new year kicks off, we celebrate and share many new products coming out for babies, kids and their families in the upcoming year.   TUNE in to WGN Chicago on January 26th as BCB Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk and on February 3rd to Twin Cities Live as BCB Twin Cities Founder, Katie Blozis, share many of the items below.

  1. Baby Zen YoYo+, $645 (for the YoYo+ stroller frame and 0+ bassinet.) Our favorite travel stroller got a makeover!  Previously it started for use at 6 months, but with its updates it now starts at birth.  Baby can face parent in a five-point harness from birth on.  It is still lightweight, easy to travel with and will fit in the overhead bin.   With new adapters for the car seat this truly is a travel system that parents can take ANYWHERE . Available in TWO WEEKS.
  2. The Project Nursery Baby Monitor, $299.99: BCB saw a sneak media peek at the ABC Kids Show in September, but our friends at PN officially launched this amazing piece of nursery gear at CES this month! Together with VOXX International its super-intuitive high definition screen is incredible for watching baby. The BONUS: it includes the first ever mini-monitor which can be used around the house when you want to be hands free. It’s wireless and Wi-Fi-Free, sleek and would be a great compliment to any nursery. Timing: TBD
  3. 4moms Car Seat, $499: This car seat self-installs, need we say more? Not only that, but through an app on your smart phone you can make sure it is installed correctly, It’s genius. Timing: June 2016
  4. 4moms High Chair, $299: The geniuses at 4moms are back again with a plan to enhance mealtime with the help of one simple item: MAGNETS. Not only does the tray latch with magnets, but the tray top is magnetic as well and the specially designed bowls and plates will STAY PUT instead of flying across your kitchen! Slated debut: Early 2016
  5. Austlen Stroller, $849.99: This stroller won Best in Show from the JPMA association at this year’s ABC kids expo as it not only moves your kids from place to place, but it hauls all of your stuff too! With over 30 configurations it takes just seconds to expand and holds up to 150lbs.  This is actually a GREAT stroller for parents who live in the city and frequent the parks and beaches in the summertime. Timing TBD.
  6. Pockit Stroller:  This is the worlds smallest folding stroller at only 9 lbs, it can hold up to 55 lbs!   You can see how amazing this stroller is here. Timing: TBD
  7. Maxi Cosi/Quinny Rachel Zoe Collection: For all of you fashionistas out there, designer, stylist and mom, Rachel Zoe, has collaborated with Dorel’s Maxi Cosi and Quinny to outfit a line of their best selling car seats and strollers, with her signature style.  These pieces will have leather and old accents and honestly, will be a fun way to take baby out in style in the new year. Slated debut: Spring 2016 with an exclusive launch at Nordstrom.
  8. Skip Hop Uplift Bouncer, pricing TBD: An all new category for Skip Hop, their brand new bouncer is one of our favorite new pieces of gear for the new year.  Most bouncers sit on the floor with no other options—often presenting a safety risk if parents use the bouncers wrong. But this one has a crank that parents can use to bring baby up to the same level as them.  It’s neutral color palette make it unobtrusive to any house and it has a price point under $175 that won’t break the bank.  Timing: May 2016. (Photo courtesy of mbeans.com.)


  1. UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller, $499: This double umbrella stroller is one of the most anticipated releases in 2016! It’s lightweight, with independent reclining seats, and has a simple quick fold with zero foot action.  This stroller has UPPAbaby lovers everywhere rejoicing as it does the work for two with one simple piece of gear.
  2. Owlet, $249: This smart sock is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. Using hospital grade technology that connects to your smart phone through an app, this sock can monitor baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.
  3. Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier, $179.99: This ergonomically correct baby carrier is as sleek as they come.  We love the built in hands-through pouch in the front, the fact that it comes with the infant insert, and that it has magnetic sternum strap for ease of use.  Our favorite part about the carrier is its look.  Its modern, sleek and comes in an array of neutral colors.
  4. The Zazu Kids SAM Sleeptrainer Clock & Nightlight, $49 is the bedtime helper you’ve been looking for. Designed in the Netherlands, the sleek design and intelligent wake up technology will help get your little one sleeping and waking on schedule. SAM’s eyes and the color changing screen can be set to indicate bedtime, almost wake up time and morning.  The digital and analog screen will help kids learn to the time and can be set as an alarm clock. Available in three colors; grey, pink & blue.
  5. Lascal BuggyBoard Saddle, $69.99: This accessory clamps on to the BuggyBoard Maxi ride-on board to provide your toddler a place to SIT if they get tired! It’s the perfect option for your indecisive toddler!
  6. Phil&Teds Voyager Stroller, $649.99:   This is an amazing solution for twins. The seat converts to a bassinet and it can have two bassinets on it at the same time. It is a modular system but the best feature is that it can fold with both seats on it which is not common for a modular stroller.
  7. Skip Hop Explore and More Amazing Arch Activity Gym, $90:  We love items that grown with your baby and this one is no exception.  Skip Hop has taken their standard playmate and updated it for features to help your baby play on their back, tummy time and when they are sitting up.  With over 20 developmental activities baby will never get bored The bonus is the secret pocket that will disguise your smartphone so that you can take pics and video of baby playing without them being exposed to screen time.
  8. Kinsa Health Health Stick Thermometer, $19.99 Taking your kids’ temperature is never fun and hardly easy. No batteries are required here as this stick thermometer plugs into your phone. It detects if your positioning isn’t ideal and provides a ten second average reading right on your smart phone’s screen!
  9. Orbit Baby O2 Stroller Base, $620 (for the stroller base only): This new stroller base from Orbit Baby allows you to jog while facing baby. Compatible with the entire Orbit Baby System, this hybrid stroller is designed for more active lifestyles. It’s dual seating modes allows you to have baby at a higher position (city mode) or a low position (performance mode) for running. The front wheel locks (a MUST for running!) and its air-filled tires promises a smooth ride for you AND baby!
  10. Beco Baby Ring Sling, $55: One of our favorite carrier companies is going back to basics with the classic way to carrier your baby through toddler. This one size fits all offers two tummy to tummy carry options and a hip carry. It’s the simplest way to transport your baby from place to place and remain close.


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